Monday, December 7, 2015

The optical illusion of religion, a tool of darkness -- Karen Doonan (Truth Code Ministries)

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Karen has a very interesting perspective on this grand illusion that we live in.  Separation, whether it is through religion, politics, color or creed, is an illusion as we are all ONE with each other and GOD.


The optical illusion of religion – a tool of darkness

For many the ability to separate “religion” from Christ and YHWY is all but impossible. It is to be remembered that Christ did not come to preach to the human race through religion, Christ stood against religion and was challenged by the “leaders” of religion at all times.  Religion is a construct that was deliberately created within the old earth construct in order to separate and divide. Whilst one “religion” argues and debates with other “religions” the darkness feeds from it all.

We are in the “end of days” and many are falling to the optical illusion of being “saved” by separating themselves from the rest of the human race through the belief that as they attend “church” and read the bible they are somehow chosen and that they need do nothing more but wait for GOD to take them to heaven. This is a dangerous teaching that is being promoted heavily within certain religious organizations.  It is clearly stated in the Word of GOD that a new earth will be provided by YHWY and all children of GOD.

This is interpreted by many as being somewhere that is only spiritual and those who adopt this false teaching look out onto a world and not only feel helpless but act helpless. We have VICTORY IN CHRIST that is a physical and spiritual weapon that cuts through the old earth construct to its core. Sitting in a church following religious doctrine and simply trying to ignore the world is not in alignment with the Word of GOD. We are here in human form interacting with a physical reality that is NOT of GODs creation in order to dissolve it to reach GODs creation in TRUTH.

The old earth is a DESIGNED CONSTRUCT that breaks the natural laws of creation, whilst YHWY created the human race, the human race were then placed in a dimensional construct through which they are continually manipulated and controlled by darkness.  Those who choose to follow the new age religion have been presented with equally dangerous teachings that seek to have them separate themselves from the rest of the human race again believing that they need do nothing but simply meditate a new reality into creation.

Creation ALREADY EXISTS, it does not need to be created, we have simply been prevented from accessing wider creation by the frequencies that we have been taught to accept and to keep deep within the cellular structure of our human vehicle. At this time the darkness is attempting at all moments to persuade us that the outer waking reality is the “end” of humanity, it is simply the end of the construct.  The human logical mind cannot interpret what is beyond the construct for it has been tied into said construct through the thoughts and feelings and behavior that is manifest from said frequencies.

As promised by YHWY in the “end of days” and stated clearly in the book of Revelation Christ will return. For those who have adopted “religion” this has been presented as some sort of rapture, for those who follow the new age religion this is presented as a “consciousness”, both seek to place focus away from the requirement to actively connect to Christ and to YHWY in order to understand the return of Christ in TRUTH. The old earth construct will seek to promote the return of Christ in a way that hides TRUTH, it will seek to PROVIDE the return of Christ for those who’s hearts have not been surrendered to Christ in TRUTH.

This is an ACTIVE connection which is an experience, Christ took action where he found darkness, he cast OUT darkness, he spent time with the poor, the hungry, the disabled, the shunned and the lost.  At this time there is a frenzy of religious “doctrine” (both “traditional” and “new age”) that seeks to do the exact opposite, people are turning on people and dividing themselves in the belief that this somehow makes them “safer”.  A human race divided is a perfect feeding ground for the darkness which will seek to divide, to separate and to manipulate at all moments.

LOVE is the only answer to everything in the entire world, to see through the optical illusions of what we have been taught is the outer waking reality we have to move into our heart space and understand that there is only one way to LOVE in TRUTH and that is to open the heart space to wider creation and allow this creation to pour through us, around us and within us.  LOVE is the very fabric of creation, it is what YHWY created us from and which we can only ever fuel ourselves in TRUTH from.  The only way to reach YHWY is through Christ for this very reason, it is the reason that many turn from Christ falling to the false teachings that seek to present different ways to “GOD” through the separating of Christ from YHWY. With many trying to reach GOD in any way but through Christ which is not possible.

We are asked to stand in TRUTH in a dimensional construct that was created from lies and fallen angels masquerading as anything but TRUTH. To understand that the “war” that is presented in the outer waking reality as being human v’s human is an optical illusion that in TRUTH is the darkness trying to persuade the human race to remain within a construct that keeps them from their Creator in TRUTH.  To understand that GOD is not punishing the human race, the darkness is punishing the human race for being GODs creation and for seeking to challenge the construct into which it was placed.

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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