Friday, January 14, 2011

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

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"Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" This book was written in 1939 and revised in 1947 by Peter Kelder.  The book is written about a man who finds the secrets of the fountain of youth and these secrets have nothing to do with a water fountain. Kelder had the privilege of meeting a man whose name he withheld but calls Colonel Bradford.  Colonel Bradford was an army officer who was stationed in India in the 1920's and while there he kept meeting natives in a certain part of the country who would talk about a certain group of Tibetans who had discovered the secret of eternal youth. 

The colonel became obsessed with finding this remote village of Tibetan clerics who held this knowledge. After retiring from the army he tried to enlist Kelder to join him on a search for the village but Peter declined.  Suffice it to say, the colonel finds the village and is taught the secrets.  He returns years later looking many years younger to the point that Kelder does not recognize him.  The rest of the book describes the 7 rites the colonel learned and discusses vegetarian diet recommendations as well. Five of the exercises are the core of the program and the last two are for more advanced practitioners.

Most of the book discusses the 5 rites which are very similar to several modern day yoga postures except for the first one.  These 5 rites open your chakra's very quickly and get them spinning as well.  (See my post on chakra's here Chakra Clearing)  Here is a quick summary of the rites:

1. Standing up while spinning clockwise with arms streched out

2. Laying down on back then lift legs and head up at same time

3.  On knees with body vertical, put hands on hamstrings and lean back with head as far as comfortably possible

4.  While sitting with legs straight out and back straight up, bring head to chest and then lift pelvis to sky and head all the way back (yoga table pose)

5. Start in triangle position with hands and feet on the ground (downward dog yoga pose).  Then move head pointing straight up and arching back with legs straight (upward dog yoga pose)

Do each of the exercises 21 times.  Slowly work your way to 21 over a month or so depending on your health and flexibility.

I do caution you to slowly ramp up on the exercises.  When I started them, I felt very woozy after only doing a few of them.  Even today, if I haven't done them for a few days, I really notice a difference when I start them back up.

The diet he mentions is a bit unusual but is basically saying that a vegetarian diet is good for you.  In an earlier post of mine on Chakra Clearing I mentioned that Doreen Virtue talked about the importance of diet and keeping your Chakra's balanced and cleared.  Certain foods affect them more than others negatively while fresh organic foods affect them positively.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

Peace and Love be with you always...(333, 444).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chakra Clearing

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Another book I picked up while at Borders looking for a book from Doreen Virtue was called "Chakra Clearing" or MP3 Chakra Clearing Audio.  It is a handy little book that describes the seven Chakra centers in your body and different meditations that you can do to help cleanse and re-balance them.  I personally do the morning and evening meditations most every day.

She also describes in great detail the individual chakra's and their connection to your physical, mental and spiritual well being.  She also talks a little bit about how diet affects your chakra's.  Certain foods affect them negatively in varying degrees, while others actually help your chakra's:

  • Dramatically  - red meat, alcohol, caffeine, drugs of any kind
  • Somewhat - fowl, refined sugar, processed foods, pesticides
  • Little - dairy, seafood
  • Help - Organic fruits and vegetables, sprouted or whole grain breads

In addition, I also do the 5 exercises recommended in the book by Peter Kelder called "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" (See other blog post for more details on this book  Ancient Secrets Post).  I have now been doing these exercises for almost 2 years now and feel very energetic and grounded each day after doing them in the AM.  Doreen makes a reference to Kelder's book as a way to quickly open all of your chakra's.

For those of you not familiar with Chakra's, here is a summary that provides some insight into what they are and how they affect your body and your life. (Source: The Chakra System)

  1. The Crown Chakra: Located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is linked to understanding, cosmic consciousness, and ability to eventually achieve enlightenment.
  2. The Third Eye Chakra: Located at the middle of the forehead.  The third eye chakra is directly linked to an individual’s clairvoyance or psychic abilities and intuition.
  3. The Throat Chakra: Located at the throat. A person with a strong and balanced throat chakra will have good communication skills and creativity.
  4. The Heart Chakra: Located at the center of the chest, a person with a healthy heart chakra will have a strong ability to love his or herself as well as others.  It is also the center of hope and compassion.
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Located at the solar plexus. This chakra is the center of  energy,vitality, desire, and power.
  6. The Sacral Chakra: Located just below the belly button. This chakra is the source of emotions,sexuality, and intimacy.
  7. The Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine. This is where your survival instinct comes from. It is also a source of security and grounding.
The energy of God released to us each day from our Mighty I AM Presence and enters our heart. From here, it flows through our seven chakras, or energy centers, and then on to 144 points of light on the body used in acupuncture. Each chakra anchors a specific vibration of God, which corresponds to the qualities above. The more we express these qualities in our lives, the more of God's energy can be focused therein.

Peace and Love be with you always...(333, 444).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psychic and Numerology

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  • A little background...Since I was in first grade, I was fascinated by numbers in my life.  I won a very large chocolate candy bar with the number 14 and it was forever my "lucky number".  For some reason, after college I remembered hearing about Nancy Reagan having a numerologist and that she paid close attention to numbers in her life. So one day while at a new age book store, I picked up a numerology book.  It tried to explain numbers and their meanings but wasn't always accurate...

    Then in Sept. 2005, I met a co-worker who was creating a website for a friend of his to manage a group of online psychics who do readings remotely.  I had never had a reading before and for some reason was very interested in having one and a bit nervous about it.  I finally decided to have the reading and it went very well.  She was very intuitive and answered many questions for me.  I would randomly communicate with her via email to follow up on some questions that I had and then one day she emailed me randomly and said to look into the number "333".  So I did a search on 333 and found an interesting book by Doreen Virtue.  The book is called "Angel Numbers 101" and it basically explained that the numbers I see daily are actually messages from the Angelic realm which are guiding me in a variety of ways.  I have found that the numbers and corresponding messages in the book that I see randomly throughout the day are very applicable to current events in my life.  Another book that I bought at the same time I bought "Angel Numbers 101" was "How to Hear Your Angels".  I have included the Amazon links to both of them below.  Here is a post I wrote on the How to Hear Your Angels book.  Enjoy...

    Peace and Love be with you always...(333, 444).

                                                        Angel Numbers 101 -



    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    My Background and Philosophy on Spirituality

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      Having been raised Catholic through grade school and high school, all I ever knew was God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I believed in Mother Mary, Angels and Saints.  But somehow, I always new there was more to know and learn about my spirituality.  I went to a large public university and soon found out that I had led a very sheltered life both socially and spiritually.  During college and for many years afterwards, I drifted away from religion and the Catholic church because I wasn't getting what I wanted or needed from the weekly masses and sermons.  I did however still feel close to God, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Angels and would only pray and attend mass on an irregular basis though...

    Over the years, I have come to believe that all of the major religions of the world (Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Jewish, Hinduism, Kabbalism...) all have very similar core beliefs:
    • They believe in the same God.
    • They strive to teach us all about Love for one another and ourselves so that one day we may all be together in heaven or whatever the religion's respective utopia is.
    • They provide a way for our soul that has been through many reincarnations (Many Lives, Many Masters) to learn life lessons on our way to ascension or enlightenment.  Yes, Jesus taught us about reincarnation. (Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation)
    • Under God's direction, there are many Archangels and Ascended Masters who are constantly watching over us, guiding and helping us in our daily lives.  To mention a few:  Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Isis, Kuthumi, Kuan Ti, Archangel Michael...(There are too many to list here and I will have a thorough post on my favorite book that describes each Archangel and Ascended Master's roles and specialties)
    I hope this has given you a perspective on my current beliefs. 

    May Peace and Love be with you always (333, 444).