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What Obama's Disclosure statement might look like...

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Courtesy of Michael Henry Dunn:

My fellow Americans, and my fellow citizens of the world,

Shortly before I took office four years ago, I became aware – as every president since John F. Kennedy has before me – that a shadow government of financial interests exerts a pervasive control over the affairs of this world, and has done so since at least the early years of the 20th century, if not long before.  It was made clear to me at that time by representatives of these interests that the parameters of my power as president would be severely limited by the dictates of this shadow government.  John Kennedy was the last president to directly confront and oppose the dictates of this hidden global regime, and his death has served as a warning to future occupants of the White House ever since.

I recognized at that time that the Constitution that I had sworn to uphold and preserve had already, in fact, been betrayed, and that the republic envisioned by our founders had been systematically dismantled by this shadow government, whose agenda and goals are diametrically opposed to the ideals of freedom and equal opportunity upon which this country was founded.  It was made clear to me, moreover, that this shadow government has controlled and manipulated the outcome of every presidential election since 1968, including the election that brought me into office.

This shadow government has been controlled since the 19th century by the banking families of Europe, headed by the Rothschilds and Warburgs, and their so-called “bloodline” allies in European royal families, represented in this country by the private banking cabal that controls the Federal Reserve System.  The agenda and goals of this cabal were entirely self-serving, with the avowed goal of reducing the population of our planet by the mass elimination of billions of human beings through war, starvation, and disease, leaving a remnant of half a billion debt slaves.

The list of their crimes against humanity is long and shocking, and I know that many among us will simply refuse to believe that such things could happen.  However the evidence is massive and incontrovertible, and indicts members of this cabal of crimes that include the planning and execution of the 911 terror attacks, the deliberate triggering of financial panics, including the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Depression, and the manipulated fomentation of numerous wars.  Though their influence has been pervasive throughout government, media, finance, science, agriculture, and religion, their core membership is small, comprised of less than 10,000 tightly controlled and disciplined members, many of whom have been subjected to mind control, torture, and abuse since childhood.

I vowed to myself on that day that I would do everything within my power to restore our freedoms, while knowing that I would be required to play a double game merely to ensure my own survival.  The safety of my family was also at risk.  But thousands of Americans in uniform take the same risks on behalf of our freedom everyday, and I vowed to be worthy of their example.

Tonight I am grateful to God, and to the many thousands of men and women throughout the world who risked their lives in the struggle against this dark regime, to share with you the news that this shadow government has been defeated.  Their assets have been seized.  Their leaders are being arrested, in accordance with due process of law, by local law enforcement, with the assistance of U.S. Marshalls, and backed where necessary by military units, in keeping with the military oath to protect and preserve our Constitution against ”all enemies, foreign and domestic.”   Massive evidence of the cabal’s crimes has been collected.  They will be brought to justice.  The even more heinous crimes against humanity that they have been tirelessly attempting to execute – including detonation of nuclear weapons in some of the world’s most populous cities – have been prevented.  Their tactics have centered on seizing power during times of chaos – chaos that they themselves created.  Those tactics have been thwarted.

The enormous funds and treasure - numbering in the many trillions of dollars – that they have stolen and abused for nearly a century will now be available for the benefit of mankind.  The advanced technologies that they suppressed are even now being developed for widespread use – technologies that can bring undreamed-of prosperity and peace to our world.  The crushing burden of debt they deliberately created to enslave mankind will be wiped clean.

The primary tool of control used by this cabal has been their ability to control the currencies of the world.  As one of their founders, Nathan de Rothschild put it, “allow me to control a nation’s currency, and I do not care who makes its laws.”  Over a period of a hundred years, they succeeded in seizing control of an enormous cache of gold  – gold which was set aside, after World War II, for the benefit of mankind.  That gold has been returned to its rightful guardians, and will now be used as a Global Development Fund to heal our world.  The ability of the cabal to control world affairs through the printing of so-called “fiat currency” – that is, currency that is not backed by any real asset – has now been removed, and a new system of asset-backed currencies has already been implemented.  Worldwide financial reform – reform that has been decades in the planning – based on total transparency, and the replacement of a debt-based system with an equity-based system, is already largely in place.

This world-transforming change has only been possible through an alliance of 140 nations which banded together to throw off the control of the banking cabal, headed by the so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and with the aid of patriotic elements in the Pentagon and intelligence community.  An unseen internal war has raged over the last two years, in a race against time to prevent the cabal from implementing bloodshed on a scale unseen in world history.  A financial war has raged as well.  The U.S. dollar had been artificially propped up by the banking cabal as the reserve currency of the world.  That status now will end, and the so-called “petro-dollar” (by which countries were required by major oil producers to pay for oil only in U.S. dollars) will be a thing of the past.  A natural adjustment of currency values will then take place.

These are earth-shaking and epochal changes.  But I urge all of us to remain calm.  The news I bring – news which is being shared around the world tonight by leaders in other global capitals - is good beyond hope.  An era of peace and prosperity is dawning tonight.  The era of debt and war and financial panics, of hidden agendas and secret societies, is at an end.  The national debt of the United States has been wiped out, as has the debt of every nation on earth.  Credit card, mortgage, and student loan debts will also largely be forgiven or repaid from global funds.  The Internal Revenue Service will be dismantled, and income tax will be eliminated.  America will be restored to our organic constitution.  The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank – all of which had been either created or thoroughly manipulated by the banking cabal – will be reformed from the ground up.  And an enormous fund amounting to more than a hundred trillion dollars will now be available for the healing and restoration of our wounded planet, for feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for the elderly, and for the development of the marvelous technologies that should have been available to us many decades ago.

As if these revelations are not epochal enough, I am also now able to share with you news that many of us have long suspected – that we are not alone in this universe.  The amazing freedom that is now ours could not have been won without the help of the friends I like to refer to as our “off-planet cousins” – near relations to humanity who have refrained from interfering until now, who have stood silent guard while honoring our divinely given free will to govern ourselves.  There is indeed a Galactic Federation, and when we are ready, we may choose whether or not to accept their invitation to join the greater family of free planets – a family to which we are closely related through millions of years.  Until now, the enormously advanced so-called “alien” technologies have been a closely held secret of the shadow regime, but now these too will be available for the benefit of humanity.

Here in America, we will now be able to hold the first truly free elections in many decades – elections by paper ballot – and the interim government now in place will then be replaced by one freely chosen by a free people.  A time of reconciliation and healing will be necessary.  Many grievous shocks await us, as the true nature and scope of the crimes of the hidden government become apparent, and politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as many prominent figures in finance and media are tried for their crimes.

I, too, will stand before the tribunal of your justice, like any other citizen, and be judged for my part in this hidden regime.  And I stand ready to serve my country again as your president if you should do me that great honor.

And let me urge you all from my heart to forget the divisions that have separated us: red state from blue, believers from non-believers, faith from faith, gay from straight, liberal from conservative.  Let us strive instead to see each other as brothers and sisters, children of one Creator, a family that honors our differences, and cherishes together the one garden of earth we call home.  As many found in Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the corruption had reached out to ensnare and taint many thousands who had little choice but to cooperate, for this shadow government operated exactly like organized crime, in which extortion, bribery, blackmail, and murder were the daily tools of control.  We are called to a time of understanding and reconciliation.  Let us seek the truth, and seek justice, but let us temper justice with mercy, and look to our own responsibility, to the part we ourselves may have played in this long and tragic time of hidden domination.

In closing, let us remember the great wisdom of Lincoln, and beginning in this moment, let us create a time of healing and peace,

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in….to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.

Good night, and may God bless you, your family, our country, and our world

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Echoes of Creation - A Joyride For Your Soul

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Echoes of Creation - A Joyride For Your Soul

A truly amazing documentary that can be purchased on  The imagery of our beautiful planet and accompanying music are breathtaking...Peace and Enjoy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Embrace Peace in times of Chaos...

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Excerpt taken from blog post "Messages from Ann and the Angels"

So how can you embrace peace in times of chaos? Dear ones, peace comes from abiding in the lasting truth that God is in charge and if you choose to align yourselves with that love, your lives will truly be “in the world but not of it.” Pray each morning. Ask God to come into your life, to guide and guard you. A very simply prayer and a few minutes of silent reception can change your life! “Dear God, take charge of my day. Here is what I would like to accomplish, but if you have better plans, make them known to me. I surrender to your love. I open my heart to receive your love.” Then take a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive our love and the love of your creator. Such a simple exercise will change your lives.

For in truth it is not the storms, nor the economy, the political leaders, or others in your life who are in charge of your happiness or well being. If you align with God, then you can trust that every circumstance around you has meaning, purpose, and value. Your lives will go more smoothly. Your interactions will be more clearly guided. Your economy will be that of God’s economy.

So rather than wasting time in worry, set your intentions to align with God, to receive the love of your angels and the Creator, and to trust that your well being never has depended on external circumstances but rather the degree with which you choose to align with love. Sit, breathe, and receive our love each and every day. Take time to pray. Take time to acknowledge all that is good, true, and beautiful within you. Focus on these simple truths dear ones. Deal with the day at hand – do your work, vote with your conscience, do what you need to do, but leave the rest to the power that coordinates the stars in the heavens. For indeed everything is in right order. You are all learning what you need to learn, but the tougher lessons will pass ever so much more quickly when you embrace them with an abiding love and trust, that you – each and every one of you – are deeply and dearly loved.

Peace and Happiness to All!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

What do we mean by "Ascension"?

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Ascension in the modern context refers to an event that will occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012 that will see those who are willing and have assimilated sufficient light to endure higher-vibrational settings leave the Third and Fourth Dimensions and enter the Fifth.

The Third Dimension is the Physical Plane that the so-called “living” inhabit. The Fourth Dimension is connected to the Third and is the Astral Planes that the so-called “deceased” inhabit. Of course there is no death. Life itself is continuous, the soul inhabiting and dropping various bodies and passing through many lifetimes on the universal journey from God to God (more on this later).

In this Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, people or souls will see their physical bodies change from carbon base to crystalline base. This change in composition will enable our bodies to survive in the finer-vibrational setting of the Fifth Dimension. Everything needed for changes like these is already encoded into our DNA.

Gaia, the sentient being that is the planet Earth, will also ascend and leave no living presence in the Third Dimension. Those who choose not to ascend will be removed to other Third- or Fourth-Dimensional settings, all care being given to them, to carry on a life in the Third Dimension while embodied and in the Fourth Dimension when free of the body.

In past Ascensions, the body was left behind, with the exception of two known to us – that of Jesus and Ezekiel, who went “up to heaven” bodily. “Heaven” itself is a term that the ancients used to indicate the Fifth Dimension or Mental Planes. When we say “the seventh heaven,” we’re indicating the seventh subplane of the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension.

Ascension is happening now because we’ve reached the end of one solar cycle and the beginning of another. Hindus say we’ve reached the end of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age and are entering the Sat Yuga or Golden Age. Westerners speak of the end of the Age of Pisces and dawning of the Age of Aquarius. And other cultures have their own ways of referring to this transition in cycles.

It isn’t onerous to ascend. No heavenly Father with a white beard sits in judgment on us and chooses who will ascend. The qualifications are scientific: (1) a person must choose to ascend, and (2) a person must have assimilated sufficient light to make existence in a more rarified environment bearable. Another way of discussing what must occur is to say that 51% of our own negativity must have been cleared.

The manner in which a person assimilates light is determined by the extent to which they can love. All other distinctions around the cultivation of the divine qualities like joy, compassion, wisdom, integrity, etc., are all derived from, dependent on, or based on this ability to love.

Once ascended, we’ll experience unitive consciousness (the sense that we are all one), new spiritual abilities (to create and travel by thought, to modify our form, etc.), increased bliss and well-being, a huge expansion in our knowledge, and many other qualities that accompany the setting free of the capacities of the soul that occurs in higher dimensions.

Ascension does involve enlightenment but it involves more as well. In Ascension, not only do we attain a much fuller consciousness than we have at this moment, but we shift dimensions as well, leave all negative conditions behind, and come into new spiritual powers. These extra developments are not always associated with enlightenment as we understand it in Third Dimensionality.

Sickness, disability, and old age all will be gone. There will be no negative conditions such as poverty, homelessness, want, etc. We’ll literally be “in heaven” in the sense that, as indicated above, the term “heaven” refers to the Fifth Dimension.

This won’t be our final Ascension. Every time we pass from one dimension to the next, we’re said to ascend. When we pass from one subplane to the next within a dimension, we’re not said to ascend. Ascension is a dimensional shift.

Ascension is the means of completing the journey that each soul takes from God to God, from unconscious awareness of its true and divine nature to conscious awareness. To know ourselves as God is the purpose of life, the end for which all of life was created.

The emphasis in this Ascension is to have the greatest number of people ascend as possible. Everyone will be instructed as to what Ascension is. All possible help will be given to open up those who are closed to love, to end war on the planet, to bring the nations together, to spread global abundance, to allow people time to rest and recuperate from conditions that hold them back, etc.

We may experience strange symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, and the rise of upsets and ancient feelings during this time as all that is old and all that may hold us back is flushed up. It makes most sense to attribute everything untoward that happens to us at this time as related to Ascension and nothing to worry about.

The answer to finding ourselves immersed in these unwanted conditions is to accept them, observe them without resisting, and allow ourselves to experience them through to completion, after which they’ll undoubtedly lift.

For the most part, in terms of attitude, a desire to relax into and accept Ascension would probably be the most appropriate attitude to adopt.

Everything possible to assist people who need assistance to ascend will be given. It doesn’t matter where you are; Ascension will find you. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or not doing for Ascension to occur.

Moreover, waves of light and love are sweeping the planet preparing us for the day (on or before Dec. 21, 2012) when Ascension occurs. Some lightworkers will probably ascend early to model Ascension for the rest.

This end of cycle has been anticipated and prepared for for eons. Everyone needed to help this planet with it is already here and at work. Lightworkers all over the planet are anchoring the light and love into the Earth. The rest is up to us.

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Turn away from the dark - "turn the other cheek"

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This is such a great post about how to deal with people that are mean to you, express anger or irritate you. 

Peace and Enjoy!

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Turn away from the dark

As little seedlings these trees don’t complain about growing in a dark forest! They reach for the light :)

Red Rock Spires

©2012 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
Photo taken in Flagstaff, AZ
Visit Ann’s Photo Site for more  
heartMessage from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
We know you are loving beings. We know that, given an ideal world you would treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect. We know that this kind of treatment is what you desire from others as well. At this time on your earth while there is beautiful energy streaming in and fantastic opportunity for those willing to clear their minds and hearts and focus on creating, there is also incredible chaos for those unwilling to take charge of their minds and hearts in this fashion. Whatever is unhealed is being revealed, and thus you are seeing not only great wonder and beauty in the hearts of humanity, but also an acting out of the wounded child within many others.
As loving souls, we know you do not want to perpetuate the pain in the world, and yet so many of you are puzzled about how to deal with unkind behaviors, insensitive words or actions, and at times the poison darts of angry words that those in pain aim in your direction. our advice is simple. in the words of one of the most loving to ever walk the planet earth, “turn the other cheek.” Turn away from unkindness. Look to something better. If someone aims anger or unkindness at you, walk away, remain silent, or if you can turn away from their darkness and respond with your love. There is no need to reply at all, unless you can turn to a more loving reality. All you need to say is, “I see you are hurt. I see you are angry. I see you are in pain. Let us talk later when this discussion can be rooted in love.” You do not even have to say that out loud. Say it to their souls, and turn the other cheek, walk away or remain silent.

If someone behaves in an unloving or unkind manner, choose to either respond with love or don’t respond at all. There is never a need to dignify unkind behavior with a response. There is never a need to “prove a point.” If you feel you must make a point do so with no intention other than to express your own point of view. Trying to get an angry person to agree with you is a useless endeavor, and although most of you know this, humanity has engaged in great battles and even wars over such attempts.

So dear ones, you do not have to engage in a dance with the darkness of the world. You can exist in your light. You can turn away from that which is angry and unkind without a need to respond unless absolutely necessary. Even then, you can do so with loving firmness, much as a parent would say to a child throwing a tantrum, “I love you but you must go to your room now.”
You are the lights in the world dear ones. Let your light shine!
God bless you. We love you so very much.

–– The Angels

heartMessage from Ann
Hi All,
I drive frequently and am often amazed by how people in cars think it is ok to behave in ways they would never dare to exhibit in person. Rarely have I had someone in a long line in the grocery store rush up and come so close they could nearly push me into another, but it happens often in traffic. I have never had someone bypass me speeding on foot just to jump in line ahead of me, but it is a common occurrence on the road. And while such behaviors re irritating, the angels have taught me to either, bless the angry drivers or ignore them. I often do the sign of the cross over cars that speed past me at 90mph and pray that they don’t kill anyone! And when a truck comes up so close behind me that I have nowhere to go, I turn up the radio and sing happy songs! I would change lanes if I could, but sometimes that isn’t possible and so I am stuck choosing either to be irritated or to ignore the offensive driver. They might not like it, but I can at least choose a more loving behavior.

These are a small examples. Often in my office, people are angry at someone in their lives who has been unthinkably cruel. They yell at me, but I know they’re just venting. The angels and I send them a lot of love while we are listening, because we know they are in a lot of pain.
It is harder to “turn the other cheek” when the anger is aimed at you in person, but it still works. Walk away or listen without response… and send love. I have listened to hurting souls target me with their pain, often attacking me personally. If I say anything at all I say, “I hear you and I’m sorry.” The apology doesn’t come because I’ve done anything wrong. I am truly sorry that they are hurting. On occasion, I’ve said, “I’m a loving person and deserve kinder treatment,” but I have said it gently and without fail it has been heard.

The angels have taught me that angry people just want to be understood. They want someone to see and understand their pain. They want acknowledgment for what they have been through, or for you their point of view. Sometimes you are up for giving them this gift and other times you are not but the trick is to remain honest with yourself about what feels like the right response. For example, when people I care about are angry, I listen and try to understand. When people I don’t know attack me, I typically don’t respond. There are times I set a boundary. Just last week someone tagged me in an unkind post on Facebook, which mean her unkind post appeared on my page. While this soul had a right to her expression, I exercised my right to take it off my page. I have no desire to participate in the un-kindnesses of this world and it was ok to say “no” to that type of thing.

So do your best not to engage in the un-kindnesses of the world. Set boundaries and acknowledge your own right to exist in a loving space, and when you can’t leave an unkind situation, either respond lovingly or remain silent. We can remain in our light no matter what is around us… and it sure feels better!

Have a light filled week!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Please Support Fluoride Free Illinois

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There is a campaign in Illinois to help raise awareness around the Fluoride in our drinking water and how it negatively affects our health and well-being. 

There is currently a bill in the IL House that repeals the requirement to add Fluoride to our water supply.  To help get this bill passed, there is a petition to get signatures to be presented to the IL House of Representatives to show our support.

For more information, please visit this website:

Also, please sign the petition at to help show your support for the bill.  All are welcome to sign the petition. - Repeal of Mandated Water Fluoridation in Illinois

Thanks for your support! Peace...

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You?

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This is a repost from the following link:


I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You? Video Goes Viral, Global

Last Friday, September 14, 2012, the InLight Radio team released the video, I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive with just under 90,000 YouTube hits in less than a week.

The idea of this video was conceived by Steve Beckow roughly two weeks ago, and the InLight Radio team ran with it. It has been a grassroots production in every sense of the word, designed to announce Disclosure by ordinary citizens of earth. It was put together with the help of about 20 volunteers who are committed to getting the word out about our star brothers and sisters, and how they’re here to help humanity and the Earth.

The effort continues to get the video out globally. I’m so pleased to report that the audio has been transcribed and is being translated by a team of 38 volunteers on Luisa Vasconcellos’ translation team so the video can be shared with subtitles world wide! We hope to start posting these translated videos on the InLight Radio YouTube channel soon.

We put this together without spending a dime, using our own computers, ideas, drive and desire to create an informative and uplifting production. It was a lot of work, and we most certainly learned a lot as none of us are video production experts, yet we’ve achieved our goal in bringing this video to fruition.

But we still need your help! We need to continue to get this out! Send this to your friends, family and colleagues. Social media tools such as email, Facebook and Twitter are terrific ways to share this. This is Disclosure, folks. This may be as good as it gets for a while, until the governments fall in line.
The more we get the word out about our galactic family and help humanity become more comfortable and excited about their presence, the quicker our star brothers and sisters will make their presence known and assume a greater role in working with us to bring about a wonderful new world!

Another great interview from 1958 with Mike Wallace regarding UFO's. - UFOS ARE REAL 1958 Mike Wallace TV Show Pt.2

Friday, September 7, 2012

New 9/11 truth documentary

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For a while now, I have NOT believed the governments version of the tragic events on 9/11.  It was a sad day and forever changed our world.  I believe it was an inside job and the reasons behind it are related to our financial system, NESARA, IRAQ, Afganastan and the loss of our rights.

There is a movement to get the word out by some courageous Engineers and Architects who know how buildings are built and what a controlled demolition looks like.

If you would like to know more about the truth behind the attacks, there is plenty of information out there.  Here are a few really good resources: (I highly recommend watching the PBS documentary below)

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth

Here is a blog post from -- 911 was an Inside Job on the subject as well.

Peace and Prosperity to all!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heaven is a Place on Earth...

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This whole week I have been much happier than usual for some reason.  Songs have been speaking to me this week and this one really hit home.  I don't listen to the radio much any more but when I turned it on in the car one day this week, the first song I heard was "Heaven is a Place on Earth".  Very fitting for how I have been feeling about the what is about to transpire between now and year end...Peace

Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We'll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

When the night falls down.
I wait for you and you come around.
And the world's alive with the sound
Of kids on the street outside.

When you walk into the room,
You pull me close and we start to move.
And we're spinning with the stars above
And you lift me up in a wave of love.
Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We'll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

When I feel alone I reach for you
And you bring me home
When I'm lost at sea I hear your voice
And it carries me

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We'll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

In this world we're just beginning
To understand the miracle of living.
Baby, I was afraid before
But I'm not afraid anymore.

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first.
We'll make heaven a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Transcript - Hour with Archangel's Michael & Raphael

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REPOSTED FROM -- An Hour with an Angel with Archangels Michael and Raphael, July 16, 2012 – Part 2/2

**This channeling occurs each Mon. on **

Steve Beckow: I think, Lord, that if you’re all right with it, I’m all right. I’m prepared to welcome Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Michael: Well, you know me, how I love to talk to all of you how I value our time together. And I thank you for building and maintaining this platform and this partnership.

Let me explain. Seldom do we introduce each other, but I wish to tell you of the presence of my sacred brother, Raphael, healer of the universe and healer of humanity. We are working in tandem, always, and we have spoken today of matters that we’ve not brought forward before — the various levels of containment, the healing of the wounds of Atlantis (and yes, they are still being healed), of the what you call the vasanas that have arisen from those injuries and belief systems. And that is why my brother Raphael is here, for seldom does he really speak in this type of a forum. But he comes to begin the healing.

And it is urgently needed, in your time and in your space, as you are accompanying Gaia, that planet that is such a combination of my brother and I, green and blue, into the new reality, into Terra Nova. So yes, I stay and I stand by his side as I stand by each of your sides to give you the strength and the courage, your sword and shield, and your staff of light, that you may heal.

So, let me help. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.

Archangel Raphael: I am Raphael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAR: Welcome. Welcome, my beloved friends, humans and starseed, bright angels and Earth-keepers, hybrids galore. I welcome you. Yes, I am Archangel of healing, brother of the emerald ray, and I work with the multiverse and the universe, your universe, and of course also with the healing of humanity.

And what does this mean in practical terms? It means, my beloved ones, that I work with each one of you. You may or may not be aware of me, for my presence is subtle, my elixir is sweet, my healing is gentle. It is joyful and it is loving. And we are in a time when we are bypassing so many of the healing methods that all of you know that are valuable, tried and true. No, they are not to be ignored, they are to be utilized.

But, like the Mother/Father One, I am also working with each of your expanded hearts, and I am filling you with the love. For that is the healing of the universe, that is why the Mother and Father are amplifying. And the amplification began this weekend, yes, as I came to this small group that was simply the surrogate for the collective. (1) And I work with you that the wounds of war, the injuries of the human experience, past and present, are simply eliminated and healed.

The only way this is done at the level and with the rapidity of what is required at this juncture is with such an influx of love that basically you simply surrender. And all over your planet — and I am not simply speaking of containment, or even the transition, because where I am different from a great deal of what else is happening is these are conscious surrenders. And that is what I wish you to do with me this night.

Each of you who listens with me, who hears the sounds and more importantly the frequency of my vibration through Linda, I am asking to consciously, gently and joyfully, say yes to feeling. Your Ascension is not an unconscious or subconscious or etheric process.

Yes, of course there is much that is transpiring in the healing of those levels as well. But you have already progressed, my angels, far enough that I am asking and inviting each of you to consciously accept the love, the joy, and yes, my brother’s peace, the Mother’s hope, and the Father’s wisdom.

I am asking you to accept it all. This is your birthright. It is why you are here. It is why you have come — even those who think they have forgotten entirely. Yes, they have played magnificent parts in this drama, but now it is coming to an end. It is falling, not in a way of devastation, but in the way of opening to a new play, a new way of being. It is not a new act, it is not a second act, it is not the final act. It is an entirely new play. It is a new way of being.

The only difference is you are not dying. I do not put a fancy name on this. I do not call it transition, passing over. It is surrendering and living and embracing the love that you are part of and allowing that love to fill you and to fill every person you encounter, to be the funnel for Ascension, to be the funnel for the Mother’s promise, for this time of fulfillment, of joining, not only with your brothers and sisters of Earth, but with your star brothers and sisters who have waited so long. And with all of us, with the ascended ones, to be able to have the freedom that was always your right, was always within your grasp, until you got caught in that quagmire called the old Earth.

I am asking you, each of you, to consciously choose the healing that I offer you, that I bring you — yes, right through the very airwaves to your room, to your heart, to your home, to your neighborhood, to your planet. All you have need to do is to say yes.

It is not a difficult choice, and yet, my beloved ones, some of you hesitate. That is all right. We do not hold this in judgment, we do not know judgment in your way. So, we gently embrace you, we nudge you, and we say, “Are you sure?

And it is the fear that is the biggest obstacle. It is the fear that you will not be taken care of. It is the fear of leaving what you know behind. It is the fear of leaving your family, your l0ved ones, your community behind. It is fear that you will not have money, you will not have wisdom, you will not remember. It is fear that you will not be good enough, that you will not be worthy, that you will not be love.

The list can go on, but that is the issue. It is the fear that you are not fully worthy, that somehow you will be skipped over, somehow you will not make it, and like Atlantis, you will perish yet again, or that you will be thought of as a fool — or even worse.

There are far worse things than being thought of as the joker, my friends. It is far more serious, far more tragic, and as my sister Gabrielle would say, far sadder, more pathetic, to not progress because you are afraid of being thought of as foolish or wrong.

Can you even conceive of abandoning or setting aside or limiting or putting on hold your deepest heart’s desire, what your essence came here to experience? What you have waited to create and co-create? Can you even conceive of saying no to that because you are afraid, because there is not adequate proof? My beloved ones, you are the proof, each and every one of you.

The reason that I come, why Michael and Gabriel and Mother/Father come, why St. Germain continues to work with you, and Yeshua, is because you are so dearly loved, that you are so deeply cherished, honored and revered. You tend to think of that love and reverence as going one way. It is infinite, it is the infinity sign, it is circular, and it is shared.

So, I come in the company of all, and with the permission and guidance of Mother/Father One. I ask of you to consciously accept the Ascension healing that is offered to you this and every night, and every day and every hour — for it is time. It is divine time, and it is your time.

And you say to me, “Well, Raphael, how does this work?” And what it feels like is a heart opening as if the outer shell is crumbling away, as if someone has placed a key and unlocked your heart, and that you can breathe more deeply and feel the love and joy and the sense of wonder, not only of everything that is around you, and begin to see everything that is around you, not just the drama, but the shift which is so delicately underway.

How it feels is you feel happier. It is a very simple litmus test. When you turn and you simply say yes, you open the floodgates. And if you think that you have been doing your work up to now, sweet angels, of course you have, but it has just begun. But it will not be arduous, it will be sweet and delightful. That is the offering that I have asked this wondrous program and channel and platform to bring forward this night.

SB: Archangel Raphael? Could I ask a question, please?

AAR: Please do.

SB: The rising energies on the planet at the moment appear to be bringing up all our incompletions, all our unfinished business, which I call vasanas. And a lot of people are going through a tremendous amount of discomfort. Many people don’t understand how vasanas work, and so they project them outwards, as Jesus said, or they swallow them, they take them inside, suppress them.

Can you help us, since there’s such a general experience of these unpleasant, unwanted conditions coming up, can you advise us on the best way to handle their rising so that we complete them, please?

AAR: Yes. Because if there is anything that is not of love and not of completion within you, it is coming to the surface. And you are absolutely correct, it is causing all kinds of discomfort — mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual, for we are observing many with crisis of faith, with spiritual desolation, isolation.

But also let us suggest that many people are acting out. And it is not comfortable, and it is certainly not pleasant to be involved in, either in the giver or receiver role. And that is why I am asking you to say yes to the healing. This does not need to take the form of playing out in drama.

Now, we understand your human addiction to drama. It is thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years old. And maybe you think, and I use the word “think” or believe or feel that in order to clear your vasana that you need to walk through it and act it out and engage in the drama. And, my beloved ones, this is why I am here: I am telling you that is unnecessary.

So, yes, let me tell you how you may do this. And you have been given a warehouse of tools. Your tool shed, your garage, your bedrooms, your studies are filled with tools. But I am here because we want rapidity and we want completion. We are here in our divine desire to assist and to eliminate.

So, invoke me, call me. Place your hands on your heart, breathe emerald green and ask that it be done, gone, eliminated, consciously, not that “I am going to go and I am going to sit in a room for a month or a year or a day and process this.” Your process is as simple as turning to me and my legions and saying, “Please,” with the emerald ray. But let me say, if you call Michael, if you call the violet flame, we are all going to answer.

But what we are eradicating, and what you have need to agree to, is getting rid of your belief system that you need to process it out. All you need to do is acknowledge it, say, “This is something I no longer wish, need, desire or choose to have.” You cannot all be sitting for the next year or six months in process. That time is over. So let it be done.

SB: Then what are the changed circumstances that have that time be over, Lord? Because in past times even enlightened masters were not rid of their vasanas. We had many fallen gurus who still had vasanas that dragged them down. So what has changed that the new …

AAR: What has changed is that you are shifting dimensions.

SB: And how has that brought a change? In other words, was this a divine edict that processing was no longer necessary? Is it the result of the coming of the …

AAR: It is not that you are not processing. And yes, sometimes the language gets confusing, so let me be clear. You are processing, and it is an instantaneous decision. So, process rather than taking what you have done in your human way as an elongated process. You may process instantaneously with our help.

SB: And so it’s your help now that’s making the difference? Am I correct?

AAR: It is our help that is much more available to you in this shift, more than it ever has been, and it is your awareness of the help, and it is your choice. Your choice is not being interfered with. If you wish to go sit in the desert …

SB: [laugh] No.

AAR: … for 12 months, then go and do so, but you may in fact miss the train.

SB: No, I’m not interested in doing that, Lord. What …

AAR: No, we know that you have been diligent, and you are already at the train station and well seated in your coach.
SB: Well, thank you, Lord. What would the most important action or thought that people could have to both induce the healing of the heart and to allow it to release its love out into the world?

AAR: To consciously — not in angst, not in the feeling of, “I better do this,” or “I must do this,” “Oh, it is my service to do this,” but in your heart of joy to say, “I choose love. I choose love, I choose peace, I choose joy — now, as I go about my day.” What does that look like? What does love do? What are the choices that my heart makes that make me know that I am loved, that I am lovable, and that I am absolutely coming and being love?

So, it is the conscious interjection. And when you feel yourself stray to the right or to the left, a little off base, then call me. I will gently upright you. I would be happy to do so.

SB: Thank you, Lord. We have perhaps a minute left. Is there anything else that you’d like our listeners to know at this time?

AAR: Yes. Part of your healing and part of you having this controversy about taking action or staying still — and yes, we refer to mass arrests — is part of your fear that if you do not take action, and appropriate action, in your discernment, that this healing of the Earth, this removal of what you have thought of as evil, will not take place.
What I suggest to you and what I tell you, what I guide you: take action, my beloved ones, by all means, but take the actions of love.

[music up]

Let your heart guide you. You are the master, and you are trusted. Go in healing, my friend.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Those were profound words.

AAR: You are welcome.