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What Archangel Michael has Said About the Arrival of Peace on Earth

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  • Ok, so this feels very important to re-post and applicable based on many different things I have been experiencing, feeling and have read in the past week.  The Angels all love Valentine's Day as the entire focus of this day is LOVE!!  In addition to this post from Steve Beckow on GAOG website, I wanted to share 2 links from my blog on the topic of peace:
    Blessings of Abundant Peace, Love and Joy...
    What Archangel Michael has Said About the Arrival of Peace on Earth - Reposted from Golden Age of Gaia website.

    Archangel Michael

    REPOST: Let’s look at the various statements that Archangel Michael has made throughout the years via the Council of Love about this time at which peace will return to Earth.

    “Archangel Michael: The Declaration of World Peace,” Oct. 8, 2012, at

    At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

    The people have gathered in Consciousness and have spoken words in Silence which none can ignore. They say that war will no longer be tolerated on Earth and the heavens have responded. Soon weapons will no longer work on Earth and the time when swords will be rendered into ploughshares will be here. …

    Never more on Earth shall the guns of war sound. Never shall people scream and die in agony. A new age is upon us that shall see harmony and beneficence restored, never to be lost again. The grand experiment is over and much knowledge has been gained. But the time has come for this blue planet to return to heaven and for heaven to return to Earth. …

    Now is the time for the curtain to fall on a world at war and for the curtain to rise on a world at peace.

    “Archangel Michael: Violence and War Cannot Continue – Part 1/2,” Sept. 4, 2013, at

    My purpose as archangel of peace is to anchor peace on Earth on behalf of the Mother/Father/One. And until that has truly taken place, there are many other events, such as the return of particular masters, that do not and cannot take place, because the vibration is too low. So every opportunity in the physical realm, in the human realm, of bringing forth peace has need to be heartily and immediately, deeply, embraced.

    There is no room for further conflict. Are these situations coming to the surface for the human collective to say, “This is too abhorrent. It cannot continue”? Yes. Have these souls died, as a soul group, to make this point? Yes.

    Everybody is playing a role in this unfoldment. But the purpose, the higher purpose of the unfoldment is not to go and play political hockey, but to raise it to a joint decision on the part of all nations that this cannot continue. You are noticing that the Middle East is the cradle in this situation for the anchoring of new paradigms of peace. Are they also the places of greatest turmoil? Yes, and therefore the greatest opportunities for shift.

    Are most of you traveling every night with me and with your star brothers and sisters to these places of conflict, of mayhem? Yes. Are your prayers, your meditations, your heart’s desire to create peace in these areas conjoining with the hearts of the populace that live there to create peace? Yes.

    So despite these upheavals of violence, what is really happening is the people, each of you, in tandem with your brothers and sisters of these areas, is saying, “No, this simply cannot continue.” It is not a matter of which faction is right or wrong, because that is a completely gray area and it has no place, because to determine that someone is right or wrong means that they have greater favor with One, with God, with the Mother. And that is simply not so. It is an illusion of the most dim sort.

    So that is what is truly transpiring. We are making many of what you think of as the political machinations, the posturing, the positioning, the jockeying, very slow right now in this situation, so that the true purpose of peace can come to the forefront and this violence simply stop.

    “Archangel Michael: Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love — Part 2/2, channeled by Linda Dillon, January 9, 2014 at

    Archangel Michael: In fact, we anticipate — and we know that the human beings have the capacity to constantly surprise us, but from where we stand, in this eternal now as you would call it — we suspect and anticipate that peace will reign rather rapidly, that people cannot continue to hold up their guns, their swords, their drones, their missiles and be in the love. We are talking widespread laying down of arms…

    All of a sudden, you have realized what you are doing. And it doesn’t come that it is a harsh judgment of yourself, or an anathema, it is simply, “I can’t do that!” It is an incapacity to continue violence.

    “Archangel Michael: This Desperation is Forcing Many People to Seek Peace,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 5, 2014, at

    There are actually only a minuscule – and I do mean minuscule – number of beings that actually thrive on the wages of war or personal conflict or combat. And those who do thrive are simply so out of touch with their inner being that they have forgotten that they truly yearn for peace or they have forgotten or do not trust or believe that peace is possible.

    This growing sense that edges on frantic desperation is not a comfortable feeling for any being. But it is positive insofar as it is forcing many to simply seek peace within themselves, within their communities, within their families, within their nations because they feel they have no choice, that, if it continues at this rate and in this way, they will perish.

    So peace and this yearning for peace has actually become a survival mechanism. From any perspective, this is good news.

    And we mean it from the stage of global conflict to personal conflict to child or spousal abuse. So we mean it in the largest sense and in the most particular, individual sense. This is what I have worked for for eons so that is why I start this day with this personal piece of good news.

    I could not do it without all of you, without all of you who hold the peace and my blue flame, in your hearts, in your lives, in your beingness, who accompany me to the darkest places so this is my thank you. And I will repeat it again and again and again. Thank you.

    Personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, July 11, 2014.

    Steve Beckow: What is holding up the Reval now?

    Archangel Michael: ISIS. …

    S: Oh. Will they be able to hold it up for a long time?

    AAM: No. … Now this is part of what the Mother referred to as great chaos coming to the forefront. Will they be able to hold it up indefinitely? No. But the difficulty is that, with this Revaluation, if they were given even more money, that they would use it to buy very dangerous weapons.

    “Archangel Michael: It is Time to Relinquish Any Feeling Less Than Love – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, Sept 2, 2014, at

    Steve Beckow: Al Qaeda was started by the CIA, but I think you told me recently that Al Qaeda is no longer a CIA organization.

    Archangel Michael: That is correct.

    SB: It is now operating on its own, correct?

    AAM: And has for some time.

    SB: Okay. Now ISIS, there still are people who think that it’s the CIA that’s driving ISIS. So could you tell us a little bit about ISIS and how the battle is going to subdue them?

    AAM: … ISIS is not an operation either sanctioned or part of the American military or intelligence community. It is born of a group that claims religious and geographic loyalties, shall we say, but that are also very enmeshed in the old paradigms of power for power’s sake in terms of control, and in terms of money. …

    It is about control of resources, particularly oil fields, of which they control and receive substantial revenues every day. It is about the money they hold that they have captured from the Iraqi treasury. It is about their control of the people through torture, murder, death and fear, so that the populace does not agree with them; they simply move out of their way so they will not be killed.

    There is a very big substantial difference in this. Now, on our side, and with your star brothers and sisters, we are doing a great deal of work with ISIS. The full extent of which we cannot tell you.

    But let us say that many of our resources are focusing on this area at this time because it is critical to many other events, what you think of as physical and spiritual events unfolding. …

    When there are billions holding the energy of the only acceptable reality being peace and love, then peace will reign.

    “Transcript: Archangel Michael Declares the Day Hostilities will End on the Planet,” Feb. 6, 2015, at

    I come this day, and, yes, I know, sweet Steve, you have a lively conversation planned. But I come to talk about peace. And I come to talk about creation and co-creation, about “New Time,” and out-of-time, inside of time, jumping time, so let me begin and then we will continue. …

    It is within my mission and purpose to create and to co-create with thee this peace. …

    And I come because of our sacred partnership that is in the fulness and the ripeness of our union and in order for this to fully proceed, my friends, my allies, … all beings, I need your help. I am requesting, from my heart to yours, your help.

    Now there is a belief and it is one I would like to eradicate right now that the anchoring, the experience, the fulness of anchoring peace on Earth takes time.

    The Mother herself has declared “New Time” and what this means in practical terms is that you, my beloved, friends, Ascension flyers, have reached a point in your evolution where you may fly, move, jump in and out of time, and perhaps shrink time, stretch time. …

    Peace on Earth does not need to be an undertaking that takes decades or years. …

    I am asking you, as your beloved brother, as your partner in this undertaking, for Gaia herself, for the intergalactics who assist thee, and the entire Company of Heaven, I am asking you to become peace portals, peace mongers, peaceholders – to be the embodiment, within and without, right now, of peace. …

    Most of you do not have a genuine, authentic memory of what peace looks, smells, tastes, and feels like, it has been that long, upon sweet Gaia, since peace truly reigned.

    We are talking of no war, no side-skirmishes, no racism, no gender inequality, no family violence, no institutional violence. (3)

    I know the magnitude of what I ask of thee, each of you this day. But I also know, my beloved friends, that you are as ready as we are. And you are ready, not merely to claim your birthright of peace, but to be the anchors of peace.

    So declare it with me now and allow this to flow through you, as you become the fulness of this peace portal, it flows to every being close to you and far, far away.

    Breathe in the peace and exhale the love, exhale the joy, exhale the balance, the harmony. You have been granted these divine qualities by the Divine Mother herself. They are innate to your very being.

    Let’s put them to work!

    Steve Beckow: Has most of the karma that’s being played out in the Middle East now been completed? ….

    AAM: I will answer that in this way. I will say “yes” and “no.”

    Has there been vast improvement? The terror that has reigned in the Middle East for a very long time is dissipating. One of the reasons it’s dissipating is the human acknowledgement, the human exhaustion, the human recognition that this does not work. It is not viable. It is not applicable.

    Does it allow the explosion of the worst part of the human psyche? Yes. Is it being remedied? The answer is yes! …

    SB: Has our frequency as a planet and as lightworkers reached a high enough level where the Reval and the historic bonds and the prosperity packages can now flow?

    AAM: Yes. Now let me also explain, when the Divine Mother spoke to you – and I know as your brother, and I speak to all of you – new techniques, new tools, expansion tools are being given to you – to explore the multiverse. Your universe alone would be magnificent.

    [She has invited you] to claim, to bring in and to anchor in physical reality that which is your birthright, that which you desire, that which you are co-creating both together and with us – that invitation was in fact a declaration by the Mother and certainly thereby by the entire Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love, and everybody else throughout the multiverse, is that your evolutionary progress had reached a point where we were not telling you to sit still and pull in. …

    The frequency of the human race, the vibratory rate – we will not get too scientific for you – has reached a point where you are able to create, co-create and, yes, receive. …

    So are you ready at vibratory rate? The answer is yes. …

    There is no more important task on the planet of Gaia in this moment than the creation of physical, tangible, peace. That will be tangible. You will be able to witness it. You will be able to see people put down their guns, to stop beating their children, to turn to their neighbors in consideration and helpfulness, kindness.

    This is a tangible creation of Nova Earth and it is the most important step in this phase. …

    Dream big! But yes, do not forget, this is a template for this Universe. …

    As [this] is the Truth, as [this] is the templates, the grid, then it is ready to be replicated in other planetary systems.

    And each of you will be pivotal in helping to do that. …

    I am saying, “Peace on Earth” – the declaration of “we have had enough”!

    SB: Why don’t we make a deadline, a date?

    AAM: Yes, because you are very good at setting deadlines and meeting them!

    SB: Well, yes, thank you!

    AAM: All of you.

    SB: But also, without deadlines we can’t coordinate.

    AAM: Without deadlines you cannot coordinate. But it is also the framework within which you have been set up. On the 30th, I pay my rent. On the 10th, I receive my pay check. When I am in Grade 3, I should be able to read. When I am in Grade 12, I am going to graduate.

    So you have these frameworks that are associated to time. So setting a deadline is a very good idea.

    SB: Alright. What is the deadline that we should set for the cessation? I am going to let you define it, Lord. I was going to say ‘the cessation of hostilities, the onset of peace’ but I think I’d better let you define what this deadline would be accomplishing.

    AAM:  … Let us set the deadline for the cessation of what you think of as ‘war’. Let us set it for Valentine’s. That is our favorite day. …

    AAM: Let us begin.

    SB: I accept.

    AAM: And you have just declared that you accept on behalf of all listeners, all lightworkers, all loveholders. And dear heart, we accept!

    I thank you because this is the request I have brought to the table this day.

    SB: Thank you. As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I accept.

    AAM: As a global Gaian, you accept!

    SB: Yes I do, thank you. February 14.

    “Archangel Michael: I Come To Thee in Sacred Partnership to Anchor Peace,” Feb. 8, 2015, at

    I come to enter into service, in the sacred partnership with thee as we are both servants of the Mother in the anchoring of peace now upon sweet Gaia. We join together now in this fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan and each of our (human and celestial) plans within that Plan.

    You are fully conjoined in this sacred purpose with me now. That I know. …

    It is on this occasion in our sacred partnership and friendship as family, as One with humanity that you anchor Peace upon the planet now. …

    as I speak to you, I speak to everyone upon sweet Gaia and far beyond. …

    So we disintegrate [hostilities?] and we disintegrate [them] by saying:

    Enough! Enough of this foolishness. Enough of this energy that does not serve anyone and more particularly, it does not serve anyone who is involved.

    Not those who die and are maimed and cower in fear or blood-lust on the battlefield, not those who fuel the machinery of war, not those who believe this is wielding power and certainly not those who live in bombed-out houses. Not those who wonder if their father will beat them or their mother will live through another night of violence, not those that are imprisoned and tortured daily.

    This serves no one. …

    When we are in sacred union in this way, there is no chance of not fulfilling the dream, of not anchoring in physical reality what is yearned for from the depths of each of your hearts. Let us join in the victory of Love and in the celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day.

    We will do this heart in heart, arm in arm, will in will, in alignment with the Mother/Father One.

    We are together and we will anchor Peace on Earth and then, let the doors, the dams and everything else break loose. It is time for Nova Earth, not as a dream, not as a concept, not as a context.

    These words are a charter to me, directing my thoughts, steps and actions.

    Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    Why I stopped taking my kids to McDonalds's

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  • I am sure if you are aware of what you eat then this information is not of any surprise to you so just wanted to share a few links that I had consolidated in the hopes it might help those searching for info on McDonald's ingredients.

    Peace & Cheers,

    Mike - What's in the Non-Chicken Half of the McNugget - American Journal of Medicine analyzed content of nuggets and determined that chicken nuggets are mostly fat, and their name is a misnomer.
 - Video about non-decomposed buns and burgers from 1994… - Summary of why their food doesn't is not food. Oil used to cook fries and nuggets contains Dimethylpolysiloxane (silly putty/silicone) & TBHQ (petroleum based product found in varnishes, lacquers, pesticide products, cosmetics, and perfumes)
    The day before it closed down, October 30th 2009, Hjörtur Smárason went to McDonalds and bought a burger. Not to eat, but to keep and it was put in the original emballage on a garage shelf. Three years later he opened it again to find it looking exactly like it was when he left it. So he donated it to the national museum in Iceland where it was in storage for a year.

    Bionic Burger Video


    Monday, January 26, 2015

    101 Reasons to go Vegan - Animal Rights Foundation of Fluorida

  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • The Gerson Therapy - Curing Cancer Naturally for 60 years
  • Jim Carey is a Truly Awakened Soul - Speech at Maharishi U.
  • Healing and Travel Protection with Archangel Raphael
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
  • JFK Speech April 27, 1961 - We are opposed by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy

  • While I am not a Vegan, I have been a vegetarian (eggs, some dairy, no fish, poultry, pork or red meat) for the last 3+ years.  I have also been gluten and alcohol free for 4+ years.  I have never felt better in my life...tons of energy, require less sleep and have not had a cold or extended illness either.

    This video is very well done and makes a good point for the end of the billions of animals slaughtered annually for our consumption.  The presentation is not overly graphic and makes the point in a direct and sensible way.  Hope you enjoy it...



    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    It's the End of the World as We Know It -- R.E.M.

  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • The Gerson Therapy - Curing Cancer Naturally for 60 years
  • Jim Carey is a Truly Awakened Soul - Speech at Maharishi U.
  • Healing and Travel Protection with Archangel Raphael
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
  • JFK Speech April 27, 1961 - We are opposed by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy
  • I am expecting some big changes in the near future...and these changes are for the BETTER for all of humanity and Mother Earth!!!

    Peace and enjoy one of my favorite songs!

    That's great, it starts with an earthquake
    Birds and snakes, an aeroplane, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid

    Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
    World serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs
    Feed it off an aux, speak, grunt, no, strength
    The ladder starts to clatter with a fear of height, down, height
    Wire in a fire, represent the seven games
    And a government for hire and a combat site
    Left of west and coming in a hurry with the Furies breathing down your neck

    Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped
    Look at that low plane, fine, then
    Uh-oh, overflow, population, common food
    But it'll do, save yourself, serve yourself
    World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed
    Dummy with the Rapture and the reverent in the right, right
    You vitriolic, patriotic, slam fight, bright light
    Feeling pretty psyched

    It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

    Six o'clock, TV hour, don't get caught in foreign tower
    Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn
    Lock it in uniforming, book burning, bloodletting
    Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate
    Light a candle, light a motive, step down, step down
    Watch your heel crush, crush, uh-oh
    This means no fear, cavalier, renegade steer clear
    A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies
    Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline

    It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)
    I feel fine (I feel fine)

    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

    The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide
    Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein
    Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce, and Lester Bangs
    Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
    You symbiotic, patriotic, slam bug net, right? Right

    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

    It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)


    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    Heavenletter: The Squeaky Wheel - God's advice on dealing with daily inconveniences & annoyances

  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • The Gerson Therapy - Curing Cancer Naturally for 60 years
  • Jim Carey is a Truly Awakened Soul - Speech at Maharishi U.
  • Healing and Travel Protection with Archangel Raphael
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
  • JFK Speech April 27, 1961 - We are opposed by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy
  • This is something that I am usually pretty good about on a day-to-day basis.  However, when I am overly tired and haven't been good about keeping balance in my life to due family and work circumstances, this is one of the first things that creeps back in.  This article is a nice reminder and a great way of looking at life in general. 

    Also, here is a mantra I say when the daily frustrations of life are bogging me down:

     'I AM' the obedient, intelligent activity in this mind and body; 'I AM' the governing power and do govern it harmoniously.

    Peace and enjoy,

    The Squeaky Wheel

    God said:
    Rise above the daily inconveniences. Inconveniences are only inconveniences. Annoyances are only annoyances. Frustration is only frustration. Who says that everything has to be smooth for you at every moment? You are not to give a high rating to the little matters that you let become big. Save yourself from daily frustration. Annoyances happen. You are the one who rates them as frustration. You are the one who says how momentous they are.
    Most inconveniences will resolve themselves one way or another, or you resolve them. There are remedies. You have an important deadline, and your computer doesn’t cooperate. It is not the end of the world, although it may too often seem like that to you.
    Tell Me, dear ones, when your computer connection starts to work just fine again, is your happiness quotient as big as your unhappiness quotient was? Probably not. Your jumping for joy doesn’t begin to jump to the height your frustration did. Is this not so?
    Have you convinced yourself that the negative aspects of life are more noteworthy than the positive aspects of life? What would you do that for? It would appear that frustration makes the grade while smooth-running is just so-so and taken for granted. A thorn in your side seems to merit far more attention. It is as if you are under the spell of thorns.
    A little difficulty gets your attention all right. Of course, you tend to think it is a mammoth difficulty. Change that around. Don’t let the squeaky wheel get all the grease. Give plaudits to all the matters that you presently take for granted. Consider them your children. Give them a pat on the back. Think big, beloveds. Details in life also deserve encouragement.
    Thank God for smooth-running of the Universe, even the Universe of your immediate environment. And even if you stub your toe, thank God, you have a toe to stub.
    If everything at the office seems to be an impediment today, thank God for all the times everything ran well. Be fair. Be fair-minded. A little appreciation goes a long way.
    If you get a flat, don’t kick your tire. The tire did its best. Now, you do yours.
    Frustration is not to be the master of your life. Flexibility and kindness -- let’s say it – are to be the masters of your life. Love is to be the master of your life. That is, you are to master love in the little things. This is your challenge. And this is your destiny. You are to be a good sport and take inconveniences graciously. Even a torrent of rain has its favorable aspects. It waters the flowers. It is small-sighted to think only of your personal convenience or inconvenience.
    Deal well with the small matters. This flexes your muscles. Promote yourself to a higher grade of response. This is how you are to live day by day. This isn’t too much to ask of you, is it?
    Be unspoiled, beloveds. Take life in your stride. No internal or external tantrums, agreed? If there is a day when you can’t seem to make your day-to-day life better, then make the lives of others around you better. Give someone else some good fortune. How quickly whatever you have been going through will settle down, that is: You will settle down. You will put your feet up and a pillow under your head, and you will recline, and you will know that life is good no matter what it looked like to you a moment ago.
    Give yourself an idea that you are the blessed of the blessed. You can see the sun shine, and you can feel the fresh rain. It’s okay if your clothes, dried outside on the line earlier, get wet again. They will dry again. Nothing is lost. Everything is gained. You are moving forward. This is what you do. This is how you make progress. One foot after the other. And all is well, even when you are not convinced. If it is possible for you to see this wisdom later, you might as well see it now.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Archangel Gabriel: Gentleness

  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • The Gerson Therapy - Curing Cancer Naturally for 60 years
  • Jim Carey is a Truly Awakened Soul - Speech at Maharishi U.
  • Healing and Travel Protection with Archangel Raphael
  • Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
  • JFK Speech April 27, 1961 - We are opposed by a monolithic, ruthless conspiracy
  • Something about this post from Marlene really hit home and resonated with me.  Thank you AAG!

    Enjoy and Peace,



    Archangel Gabriel: Gentleness, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, November 27, 2014

    Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as gentleness.

    This quality is discerned in an individual as one who is humble and gentle, someone who shows kindness in their nature, as someone who is peaceable and ready to do whatever is good and right.
    They express true humility by not considering themselves as too good or too important for humble tasks. They endure injury from another with patience and without resentment, keeping their own feelings under control and by doing deeds that are done in the humility that comes from inner wisdom.

    They have the noble ability to give way to the wishes of others by sometimes yielding all that is rightly their due. Like a gentle giant, they sacrifice their own rights for the sake of peace and out of love, generosity, and sympathy for the other individual. In all situations, they exhibit restraint, coupled with strength and courage.

    A gentle person does not seek to make other people angry. Gentleness within an individual desires that no harm be done. A gentle person is a non-violent person who chooses to act in a way that does not harm others. They are aware that there are gentle ways to be assertive, that there are non-violent ways to stand up for what is right, and non-manipulative ways to lead and inspire others.
    The gentle person shows true strength by staying cool and overriding their human ego tendencies to be right above all else. They think first and then respond in a way that will best help the other person to understand non-violent logic. Gentleness in an individual may lose a few battles, but it helps win the overall struggle.

    A gentle response tends to create fewer enemies, and definitely more friends. Those who have an attitude of kindness by looking for ways that will benefit others will always treat others gently. This attitude can contribute much to the comfort of life and the peace of society by reducing friction between people.

    Gentleness is self-control displayed in a calm spirit based on an unshakable confidence in God and the goodness in others. Many people think of gentleness in an individual as being weak, timid, or passive, but it is actually strength under control. It is this quality of love within that helps individuals to conquer themselves.

    Gentleness of spirit in an individual allows one’s spirit to move through them, making them loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, and self controlled.
    Gentleness is that quality which does not insist upon personal vindication. It does not always have to correct others and does not repay in kind. It does not return insult for insult and does not use force and intimidation to get one’s way.

    Gentleness gains its strength from its steady and stable foundation of kindness. Daily practice of the qualities and virtues of generosity, compassion, mercy, gratitude, humility, and tolerance prepare an individual for the quality of gentleness.

    Only strong people can be gentle, because gentleness restrains strength by love. When one thinks only of oneself and not also of others, then it is easy to hurt others unintentionally. It is only possible to be gentle with others when one has learned to be gentle, kind and compassionate with oneself.
    Each individual speaks their words, and takes action, whether great or small, with the utmost gentleness possible. This thoughtful approach can serve as a model for others to emulate. The motivating power behind gentleness is always love – love of the other for whose sake one restrains oneself.

    To behave in a gentle manner requires that one stays centered in one’s values and strength and in one’s reactions to change. Worry, fear and sudden outbursts of anger become a thing of the past.
    One sleeps in peace because their conscience is clear. One’s tone of voice softens and one smiles more and expresses less criticism and instead gives more encouragement and empowerment to others.
    Learning and living becomes a joyful experience where everyone’s gentleness is the rule of the day. Once one tastes the effect of gentleness in oneself and in others, one will never want their old way of relating to others back again.

    In all things, it is best to be kind and loving with gentleness in one’s voice. This gentleness is a reflection of deep love. This love is so subtle that to be in the presence of such a gentle one can soothe an aching heart. Their words of wisdom can untangle the most confused mind.
    One speaks gently and effortlessly in a simple and profound way. One’s message of love and truth which comes from the heart profoundly touches the hearts of others. It is wise to nurture one self from the inside out, to be in flow with life instead of resisting and delaying it.

    One can freely acknowledge one’s present moment in its entirety. One can include every aspect of it, from the playful, joyful moments, and from the uncomfortable and challenging ones.
    One acknowledges one’s accomplishments and enjoys little successes as they happen by celebrating with small rewards in that moment. They do not rush to the next thing by overlooking and postponing the celebration that acknowledges their victory. Slowing their life down by simplifying their tasks and making a commitment to doing less instead of more is being gentle with oneself.

    Listening to one’s body and following its guidance by practicing mindful healthy eating is being gentle with oneself. Allowing and choosing to release and let go of the stories about the past that constantly keep replaying in one’s head is a powerful way of being gentle with oneself.
    By saying no in a gentle way to the commitments that don’t serve their values, one is learning about the power of discernment and becoming deliberate in one’s choices. One must get rid of the old before one can take on the new by creating a daily time to relax and just be. One can avoid burn-out in one’s activities and their effect on one’s well being.

    By following their intuition and listening to the gentle guidance from within them, one avoids overanalyzing the situations in one’s life to the point of exhaustion. Being gentle with oneself if one does not know all the answers is perfectly acceptable.
    By following these precepts, one’s world takes on a different appearance, a world that is kinder, more meaningful, more abundant and more compassionate.

    When each individual takes time to reconnect with their authentic self and the divinity within them, they are gentle with themselves and they accept all of their imperfections. When they replace fear with trust and learn to let go of the things they cannot control, they have learned to be gentle with themselves.

    May each of you practice gentleness with yourselves and with the people around you, taking care as you walk gently in the world.

    I AM Archangel Gabriel

    ©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included –,

    To view this message at its source click here: The Rainbow Scribe – Archangel Gabriel 2014

    Wednesday, December 10, 2014

    In Defense of Salt -

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  • Great article explaining why we are told to stay away from CONVENTIONAL table salt as it is very bad for our bodies.  There are however, other salts that are beneficial to the body as explained in this article...

    Peace and enjoy,


    In defense of salt

    In defense of salt
    Salt: what Homer called “a divine substance” and Plato described as “especially dear to the gods.” The English word “salary” is even derived from the Latin word that was used to designate the allowance provided to Roman soldiers for buying salt, which was an extremely valued commodity. Oh, and let’s not forget the whole Gandhi salt march. The man walked 240 miles just to get his hands on this tasty crystal, for goodness’ sake! Yes, yes, it wasn’t so much about the salt as it was to stick it to the man, but regardless, salt has a hefty history. Somewhere along the timeline, though, things took a turn. Salt’s got a pretty bad rap around these parts nowadays. Many if not most doctors, nutrition and health practitioners, and even the government public health officials tell us to stay far far away. There are two reasons for this: 
    1. The average individual consumes a great deal of processed foods, which contain extremely high levels of sodium. 77% of the sodium in the average diet comes from processed and restaurant foods, according to the CDC.
    2. Today’s common table salt has nothing in common with the real, natural salt the Greeks and Romans used. 
    The problem with today’s table salt
    Table salt such as the kind that is commonly used today is “purified,” a process that involves a re-crystallization at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. As with pasteurization of milk and honey, this heating process depletes salt of its natural minerals and nutrients, altering the chemical structure of the salt. The refining process also involves the use of aluminum, ferro cyanide, and bleach. After this process, anti-caking compounds are added to the salt so that it will easily pour from a salt shaker. In many foreign countries, table salt is also fluoridated. In fact, table salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% additives.
    The health benefits of himalayan pink salt
    Himalayan pink salt, on the other hand, is comprised of 85% sodium chloride and 15% natural minerals. Research has found that these pink salt crystals contain 84 essential minerals required by the human body, including calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.
    According to Dr. Mercola, the health benefits of unprocessed himalayan pink salt containing the 84 minerals include:
    1. Regulating the water content of your body
    2. Promoting a healthy pH balance of the cells, particularly brain cells
    3. Regulating blood sugar levels
    4. Absorbing of food particles through your intestinal tract
    5. Supporting respiratory health
    6. Promoting sinus health
    7. Preventing muscle cramps
    8. Promoting bone strength
    9. Regulating and the body’s natural sleep cycle
    10. Promoting vascular health and regulating blood pressure
    So what do you say – time to make a switch to pink himalayan salt?
    table salt himalayan salt health nutrition