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Archangels and Ascended Masters

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Dorreen Virtue is an amazing individual.  Here is her bio from her website: 

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels books/angel cards.
Doreen has written a great book that talks about all of the Archangels and Ascended Masters who are constantly watching over us, helping and guiding us.  For each spirit, she gives the following information:

  • Name or common names
  • Location or religion where there are well known
  • Paragraph describing te ascended master or angel in detail
  • How they can help you
  • The best time, place and way to ask them for assistance through prayer

Here is a list of just a few of the spirits in the book:

Ascended Masters:
  • Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Isis, Yoganada, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya


  • Ariel
    • Environmental concerns, assist or heal injured animals
  • Azreal
    • Meets people at death to help them to the Other side
    • Assistance with deceased or dying loved ones
  • Chamuel
    • New love relationships
    • New friends, new job or lost item
    • Will help in repairing misunderstandings in personal or work relationships
  • Gabriel
    • Helps writers, teachers and journalists
    • Overcome fear or procrastination involving communication, conception, adoption, pregnancy and early childhood
  • Haniel
    • Assist with adding grace, peace, serenity, enjoyment of good friends, beauty, harmony to your life
    • Help with important presentations, interviews or first dates
  • Jeremiel
    • Motivates us to devote ourselves to spiritual acts of service
    • Helps with the process of attaining divine wisdom
    • Call upon him if you feel stuck spiritually to regain enthusiasm about spiritual path and mission.
    • Provides emotional healing and is helpful with forgiveness issues
  • Jophiel
    • Patron of artists
    • Feng shui angel because she can help you with removing clutter from home, office or life
    • She is involved in cleansing the earth of pollution and you can ask for assignments to help in this mission
  • Metatron
    • Works with Mother Mary to help children both living and crossed over
    • He will assist you with anything you need related to your children
  • Michael
    • Releases the effects of fear from the planet
    • Patron of police and gives us courage to follow our divine mission
    • Call upon him if you are fearful or confused about your safety, heavenly purpose or making a necessary life change
    • He will also help you fix any mechanical or electrical problem
    • He can assist you with remembering your life purpose and give you courage to follow it
  • Raguel
    • Ask him for aid whenever you feel that you are being overpowered or manipulated
    • He will assist you with how to attain balanced power and fairness within your personal and community relationships
    • Call upon him on behalf of another person who's being treated unfairly
    • He will also help you to harmonize all of your relationships
  • Raphael
    • He is in charge of physical healings
    • He helps those dedicated to health and well-being
    • Call upon him to help with any injuries or illnesses related to yourself or another including animals
    • He also aids those who are traveling by providing a harmonious and safe journey
  • Raziel
    • Call upon Raziel whenever you wish to understand esoteric material including dreams or to engage in alchemy/manifestations
  • Sandalphon
    • Angel of music and prayer
    • Put on music and ask him to help clear spiritual confusion
  • Uriel
    • Pours light on troubling situation which illuminates our problem solving abilities
    • Call upon him to help you think clearly and find answers
    • He helps students and those in need of intellectual assistance
  • Zadkiel
    • Angel of good memory
    • Helper of students
    • Call upon him to remember anything especially your own divinity

Peace and Love be with you always. (333, 444)

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