Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I AM LOVE - By Graham Dewyea

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Very nice set if daily I AM intentions and statements...enjoy. 

By Graham Dewyea

I Am Love

I am God expressed as a unique sovereign being

I am peace

I am a high vibrational being of light

I am joy and laughter

I am spirit incarnate in human form

I honor and celebrate my human self, knowing that I am not my emotions. I learn and grow from the feelings and emotions that arise within me, release them as needed, and return to my true self, which is joy and love.

I am continually growing and expanding. I am limitless

I have stepped into Mastery

I am tender

I am strong

I am sweetness

I speak my truth with clarity, honesty and compassion

I see and honor the divinity in all beings, including dear Mother Earth.

I am accepting of others

I am a creator of beauty

I work through disagreements calmly, with consideration and respect. I strive for positive resolution and connection

I have a deep connection with the natural world. I seek solitude and nature to connect with spirit and my higher self

I am one with all, including all of humanity, the kingdoms, fairies, angels, devas, Gaia, my guides, the multiverse and my star family

I am an multidimensional being

I am balanced in my masculine and feminine energies. I am driven, action oriented, passionate, a protector, and I am also receptive, creative, nurturing, sensitive and cooperative.

My body is a sacred vessel. I take excellent care of it.

I am present and mindful of my thoughts, feelings and actions

I am courage

I am a star being

I am playful

I have direct connection to source

My body is free from disease, virus, illness, and infection. I have plenty of energy and vitality and feel great in my body

I am a powerful co-creator knowing that I greatly influence the quality of my current reality

I am gentle and patient with myself and others

I am beautiful

I am forgiving of myself and others

I choose love over fear

I am stalwart

I am heart-centered and let my heart and intuition guide my decisions and actions

I am trusting and have faith

I am not alone

I am divinely guided

I feel deeply

I cherish true connection, touch, and intimacy

I am hopeful

I am a powerful co-creator, and as a global citizen, I am co-creating a world of love, peace and unity consciousness

I am taken care of by the Universe

I am vulnerable, accessible, transparent and authentic

I communicate with mindfulness and compassion

My soul is ancient. I’ve lived many lifetimes on this planet, as well as out of form and on other planets

I am kind, considerate and respectful

I establish and practice healthy boundaries for myself around others as needed

I am present, engaged and empathetic with others

I am the “captain of my own ship”

I am in tune with my surroundings

I go after my dreams and desires and don’t let fear get in the way from pursuing them

I welcome and allow the abundant flow and beauty of the Universe to work through me knowing that I am deserving of all its blessings

I am my best friend – gentle, kind, considerate and supportive

I am adaptable and flexible

I embrace life as an adventure, knowing that change is a given in life and I choose to flow with it

I welcome and accept magic and miracles in my life

I follow my intuition and divine guidance even if it might not make sense to me in the moment

I am grace

I am surrounded by loving, joyful, supportive people

I am responsible for the quality of my life experience and how I choose to react and experience life

I am omnipotent

I follow my bliss

I am grateful

I am healthy in mind, body and spirit

I am true to myself

I am grounded, centered and balanced

I am complete and whole already and don’t need another to complete me

I am divine

I Am Love