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Charcoal - It's Many Healing Properties Will Amaze You!!

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I highly recommend this wonderful book.  Have personally used charcoal for detox, upset stomach, infections, burns and more.  I bought mine from here:


Charcoal poultice recipe: (
Jelly Poultice
Grind 3 tablespoons of flaxseed (or use cornstarch).
Mix flax meal together with 1-3 tablespoons of charcoal powder.
Add 1 cup water.
Set aside for 10-20 minutes to thicken, or mixture may be heated and allowed to cool.
Spread the jelly evenly over an appropriate size cloth or paper towel.
Cover the jelly with a second cloth or paper towel.
Position poultice over the area to be treated (i.e., liver, stomach, kidneys, spleen, knee, eye, ear, sting or bite area).
Cover poultice with plastic 1 inch larger all around (to keep paste from spreading and drying too quickly). Secure with surgical tap or ace bandage.
Leave poultice in place overnight or from 2-4 hours, if applied during the day.

Book Review
It is no exaggeration, this little book will open to you one of the biggest mysteries
ever resurrected from the burial sands of ancient Egypt. This book will equip you
with a working knowledge of the most powerful antidote for poisoning on planet
earth. You will understand why it is the single most effective detoxifier of thousands
of harmful chemicals anywhere in the world. You will be armed with a science that
technology can dream about but never equal.

Are you a parent, a caregiver, a physician, a lover of animals, of flowers and the
world around you? Do you work with your hands? Do you love exploring mysteries?
Do you want to be healthy? Then this book has something for you. I know one who
would agree. As a parent, a caregiver, a physician, and a lover of nature, Dr. Agatha
Thrash also enjoys working with her hands, revels in the mysteries of science, and
has made health a lifetime study. She writes:

“Charcoal has amazing healing properties. In fact, if I were stranded on
a desert island and could take only one thing along to protect me from
disease, infection, and injury, I would choose charcoal.” (2003)

 List of remedies on Charcoal Remedies Website:

Abscess - How an Activated Charcoal Poultice can help treat AbscessesAcid IndigestionAcid Indigestion - Medicinal Activated Charcoal is a simple natural home remedy for Acid Indigestion, Acid Reflux, HeartburnAcneAcne - Activated charcoal is used in several skin conditions including Acne.Amalgam - DentalAmalgam - Dental - IOAMT Protocol for Dental Amalgam Removal using Activated Charcoal
AppendicitisAppendicitis - Individual experiences of treating cases of appendicitis with activated charcoalArthritisArthritis - Activated Charcoal can be used in different forms as a treatment for Arthritis.AspartameAspartame - Activated Charcoal for Absorbing AspartameBabiesBabies - Activated Charcoal for Infant Colic, Neonatal Jaundice and accidental Poisoning
Benzene PoisoningBenzene Poisoning - Activated Charcoal as a detox program for Benzene PoisoningBlood PressureBlood Pressure - Personal testimony of how activated charcoal helped to lower very high blood pressure.Bowel DiseaseBowel Disease - Activated Charcoal is often used in the treatment of various Bowel DiseasesBrown Recluse SpiderBrown Recluse Spider - Activated charcoal Powder for Brown Recluse Spider Bites
Buchu LeafBuchu Leaf - Buchu Leaf - a natural herbal remedy with pleasant aroma and tasteBurns - Charcoal powder is an effective treatment for severe burns.CancerCancer - How Activated Charcoal can aid in Cancer Treatment including Breast CancerCandidiasis - Activated Charcoal is simple natural treatment for Candidiasis & Yeast Infections
CeliacCeliac - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural treatment for CeliacCellulitisCellulitis - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural treatment for CellulitisChalazionChalazion - Medicinal Activated Charcoal is a simple natural home remedy for ChalazionChloramine - Chloramine removal from drinking water using activated carbon
Cholesterol - Activated Charcoal Lowers Blood Cholesterol & TriglyceridesCleansing/Detox Program - Activated Charcoal Cleansing/Detox ProgramColicColic - Activated Charcoal is an effective simple natural remedy for Colic.Dental InfectionsDental Infections - Activated Charcoal for Dental Infections
DiabetesDiabetesDiabetic UlcersDiabetic Ulcers - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural remedy for Diabetic UlcersDiarrheaDiarrhea - Medicinal Activated Charcoal helps to control Diarrhea associated with Dysentery, Cholera, Colic, TouristaDiverticulitis - Activated Charcoal for Diverticulosis & Diverticulitis
Ear InfectionsEar Infections - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural remedy for Ear InfectionsGoutGout - Activated Charcoal is a natural remedy for GoutHeart DiseaseHeart Disease - Activated Charcoal Fights Heart Disease in Kidney PatientsHeavy Metals Removal - Bone Char is an efficient media for the removal of heavy metals in drinking water.
HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids - Activated Charcoal is a Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoidal ReliefHypertensionHypertension - How to treat hypertension naturally.Insect BitesInsect Bites - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural remedy for Poisonous Insect BitesKentucky Poison ControlKentucky Poison Control - Article demonstrates efficacy of Activated Charcoal in the treatment of Accidental Poisoning in children, reported in medical journal Pediatrics.
Kidney DiseaseKidney Disease - Activated Charcoal is used in Kidney and Liver Dialysis machines. Activated Charcoal can be used to aid a sick Kidney or Liver.Liver DiseaseLiver Disease - Activated Charcoal for Liver Disease: Hepatitis, Jaundice, Liver CancerLongevityLongevity - Charcoal used regularly prolongs life.MalariaMalaria - Activated Charcoal is a Proven Treatment for Cerebral Malaria.
Measurement Conversion - Measurement conversions for activated charcoalMRSAMRSA - Activated Charcoal: an aid in the treatment of MRSA Infections.Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are often benefited by using activated charcoal air filters, as wel as taking activated charcoal orally.OdorsOdors - Foul odors may originate from many different sources including: bad breath; intestinal gas; vaginal odor, infected wounds, odors from garbage, gym bags, pets, even scented products. Activated charcoal adsorbs most offensive odors.
Pain - Activated Charcoal - a safe non-addictive simple remedy to treat PAIN naturallyPars Planitis - Activated Charcoal can be simple and useful remedy in the treatment of Pars Planitis, Ocular Inflammatory Disorder, Pan uveitis.Peptic UlcersPeptic Ulcers - Activated Charcoal - Natural Remedy for Treatment of Peptic UlcersPink EyePink Eye - Activated Charcoal - a Simple Natural Remedy for Pink Eye
PoisoningPoisoning - Kentucky Poison Control Center Promotes Activated Charcoal for Accidental PoisoningPoison IvyPoison IvyPoison ListPoison List - A short list of the 4,000 plus natural and man-made poisons that are effectively adsorbed by activated charcoal when given in sufficient quantity.PouchitisPouchitis - Activated Charcoal Helps Relieve Pouchitis
PregnancyPregnancy - Activated Charcoal for Morning Sickness and PregnancyPressure SorePressure Sore - Pressure Sores can be effectively treated with Activated Charcoal PoulticesProstatitis - Activated Charcoal: a natural remedy that helps to relieve ProstatitisRadiation PoisoningRadiation Poisoning - Charcoal has been shown to effectively adsorb radioactive material and radioactive emissions, and is a valid method for prevention and treatment.
Snake BitesSnake Bites - Activated Charcoal for Poisonous Snake BitesSuzy's Stories - Firsthand missionary stories from Benin about medicinal charcoal.The Water We DrinkThe Water We DrinkSurgical Infections - Medicinal Activated Charcoal is a natural remedy that helps heal surgical infections
TrimethylaminuriaTrimethylaminuria - Natural Treatment for Trimethylaminuria using Activated Charcoal.Vegetarian Cooking Class - 6 Session Vegetarian Cooking Class with Health TalksVomitingVomiting - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural remedy for nausea and vomiting.Walking ProgramWalking Program
Wasp StoriesWasp Stories - Activated Charcoal is a natural remedy for the treatment of poisonous insect bites.WHO - Water Diseases - World Health Organization: cause, prevention and treatment of Traveler's Diarrhea & Other Water Borne DiseasesHomemade Charcoal Water Bottle FilterHomemade Charcoal Water Bottle Filter - Homemade Charcoal Water Bottle Filter for Developing Countries and DisastersWoundsWounds - Activated Charcoal is an effective natural remedy for the treatment of infected wounds.
Wound Dressings - Activated Carbon Cloth is used in Wound Dressings in various applications such as wounds resulting from bed sores, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, MRSA, skin grafts, burns, infected cuts, insufficient blood circulation, amputations, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, and other infections that do not respond to conventional treatment.ACC for WoundsACC for Wounds - Zorflex Activated Carbon Cloth is an effective wound dressing for difficult wounds.

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