Friday, August 4, 2017

Kathy Crosswell & Diana Cooper - Keys to the Universe - Online Card Reading

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Several years ago, I started working with Kathy Crosswell on the recommendation of a friend Andy Bojarski whom I met from Meline Lafont.  Her passion is to help people understand their energy and to guide them to walk their life in a spiritual way connected to their Divine I AM.  She is a gifted spiritual adviser and is very connected to the company of heaven.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking for advice from their higher self or spiritual guides as she is definitely one of the most accurate I have experienced.  She does 1:1 work over skype/zoom and group work as well.  She also holds seminars in the UK for locals.

To return the favor of her wonderful support and guidance, I created a card reading web page for her to share here "Keys to the Universe" Deck that she created with Dianna Cooper.

Keys to the Universe Card Reading:

The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos

There are 48 keys and two cosmic keys that open up the various energies of the universe. Along with the accompanying CD, the information in this book will enable readers to expand their consciousness by using these keys to unlock the secrets of other realms, such as the animal and natural kingdoms, the elementals, different archangels and other angelic beings, cosmic masters, and wisdom centers. An exploration of spiritual laws, this is a fascinating and important look at energies that manifest as sound resonances and what humanity can do to access the