Friday, March 18, 2016

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF) - Decrees and Songs -- UNITED STATES ELECTIONS 2016

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Given the current state of these elections, it is my hope that anyone finding this decree may use it to help protect the elections for the American people and bring forth the best candidates for the highest good of all.


AMTF Songs and Decrees PDF can be downloaded from here:

Who is Ascended Master K-17?

Beloved mighty victorious I AM Presence, Archangel Michael,
Mighty Victory, Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain and K-17,
Raise up the right candidates in the coming U.S. elections. (3)
See that the Ascended Master candidates become victorious.
Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self of every voter, take command
and act through the outer self according to the divine plan.
Keep the United States government free from foreign influence.
Reveal to the public and render inactive all foreign lobbyists and all
groups that have the objective to undermine and 
change the Constitution of this country and who are opposed to the original divine plan
for this country. (3)

Reveal all that is hidden and not of the Light. Prevent, prevent,
prevent the changing of the Constitution of the United States from
the original divine intent. (3)

Withhold and withdraw all power from all destructive forces and
from all individuals with destructive intent. (3)

Friends of freedom, arise, arise, arise!
To the call of the mighty I AM
Set our country free, and all her people free,
Set the rest of the world free and all her people free.

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation,
Mount Shasta, California
Copyright 1985
ISBN 978-0-939051-19-2

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just the Goods - Natural & Organic body care products (

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I am not sure how I found this site but it is a wonderful alternative to the toxic world of bath, body, toothpaste, cosmetics and hair products on the market.  I have 2 earlier posts on the issues with many of our mainstream options available from Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Krogers, CVS and everyday grocery stores.


EWG - Environmental Working Group Database -- Provides reviews of Health Concerns with Tide, Method and other cosmetics / detergents / cleaners

[BOOK] The Non-Toxic Avenger by Deanna Duke -- Exposing toxic chemicals hidden in every single part of our lives

From the owner of Just The Goods:
I use organic ingredients wherever possible, but not always because the primary motivating force for Just the Goods is to provide affordable access to safer, healthier alternatives to mass produced petrochemical based personal care products. This means Just the Goods is a helpful option for people wanting to avoid petrochemicals and other harmful substances in personal care products, but can’t justify spending a great deal of money on what might feel like a luxury.

I’ve contemplated creating a 100% organic line, but will only embark on this if I can avoid it appearing elite and inaccessible. With that said, I always use certified organic castile soap in my face washes, but otherwise include organics when the price of raw materials are comparable, which happens from time to time depending on supply/demand. Organic ingredients are always indicated on product labeling

In other words, my curatorial work sought to encourage thoughtfulness about society and Just the Goods aims to do the same. Just the Goods therefore offers an alternative to reliance on petroleum and other unhealthy chemicals, wasteful packaging, and corporate ownership. Just the Goods is also concerned with supporting positive body image through self-care and equality for all genders.

Zika virus hoax -- Futurist Trendcast by Lady Ray

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While the zika virus may be real, it is not pandemic nor should it deter anyone from attending the Olympics.  It is very likely that the MSM is using this to put pressure on Brazil around the Olympics time frame because they are part of the BRICS alliance that is looking to push out new financial alternatives to the Fed.


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Zika virus hoax

The following was written a month or more ago, well before the present color revolution attempt in Sao Paolo:

The epicenter of Zika virus, as trumpeted by MSM, is, supposedly, Brazil. When it first began my initial thought was that someone’s trying to sabotage Brazil Olympics, with far-reaching purposes. After Zika was announced, US almost immediately said that the American team may skip Brazil Olympics due to safety concerns.

Read on to see how Brazil Olympics are tightly connected to geopolitics and the balance of power on our planet.

Zika virus scare in S. America has a large geopolitical component, specifically, that of pressure on South America, and especially on Brazil as the member of the BRICS. The actual virus scare has been drastically overblown, feeding off people’s deep-seated fears in order to achieve two goals:

1. Put extra pressure on South America, which is attempting to have its own independent voice in global affairs, inconsistent with USA’s.

2. It is specifically designed to decimate the reputation of Brazil president Dilma Rousseff, while also weakening Brazil economy and stepping on the country’s pride. It’s no secret that the previous president of Brazil won the coveted bid for his country by appealing to the OIC that it was time to have the Olympic Games in South America, which never hosted them before. Hosting Olympics is a very big deal and a matter of national pride for Brazil and for all of South America.

But while it invokes a great deal of raised self-esteem and inspiration for the citizens, it is also a huge strain on country’s resources. Basically, any Olympics is a test for the host country. This holds especially true for the countries outside of the West and US sphere of influence. As someone who grew up around the sports and Olympics and who had observed on various occasions what went on, I can tell you that world-wide sporting events, but especially World Cup and Olympics, are used by the USA and West to damage a host country’s reputation, spoil its ‘star hour,’ ruin the economy and undermine self-esteem. The campaigns against a host country are normally relentless and vicious.
Brazil has strained its resources, finances and economy dramatically due to the Olympics preparations. Hosting the Olympics is an extremely expensive proposition for any country. It is also a test as to the country’s unity and resolve to get to the next level.

The country preparing for the Olympics is especially vulnerable to MSM, political and financial attacks. Leadership of such country gets attacked relentlessly from both inside and outside the country. We can say that both China and Russia have passed the test, but at a cost. It may turn out that Brazil hasn’t passed the test as well.

Do you recall my 2015 prediction that Brazil, and Rousseff personally, will be extremely quiet in the global geopolitical arena until after the Olympics? (The Truth Behind Obama and Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Trying to Make Up.) You’ll see Brazil trying to speak up again by 2017, or the earliest, towards the end of 2016.

No later than the early 2017 we’ll know if they had broken Rousseff completely, or she is simply waiting out the rough period. If they got the goods on her through those NSA tapes, then she will never be the same.

We do know for a fact that they got major juice on Angela Merkel, whom they now can twist into a pretzel, whenever they want to.

Remember how vocal was Rousseff after she discovered that she was spied on by NSA? She wanted to rally various heads of state against NSA and US; she tried to create an EU – S. America alternative to the US-controlled Internet; she even went to the UN General Assembly, where she passionately condemned Obama and USA’s spying.

After that, as if at a stroke of a magic wand, riots and protests started in her country. Several months later, Rousseff met with Barack Obama, where she proclaimed her loyalty to friendship and cooperation with the US, indicating that what happened before was water under the bridge.
My prediction that Brazil and Rousseff will become active internationally again after the Brazil Olympics is conditional on how much they had broken her. Alas, we already know one thing: Brazil isn’t ready for the major leagues.

Another thing we know: Brazil isn’t the S. American equivalent of China or Russia.
It is clear that Brazil is targeted because it’s the member of the BRICS. The BRICS is one of several organizations, others being SCO and Eurasian Union, that can serve as a backbone to the new socio-economic system that will replace the present Western-centric model.

While the economy of Brazil seemingly is large enough, the plunge in commodities prices, the basis of its economy, coupled with a strain of the preparation for the Olympics, has made it difficult for the country to balance the books, keep its social obligations and hold its own internationally.

We see time and again that the size of the economy alone doesn’t do the trick. Look at Japan: large and influential economy, accompanied by a weak military and non-existent political clout.
On the other hand, we have the phenomenon of Russia, whose economy is suffering from both crippling sanctions and catastrophic drop in commodities prices. Yet, the power of the President is more solid than ever, Putin’s ratings are through the roof and Russian Army is the strongest it has ever been since the collapse of the USSR. The new infrastructure projects are being developed due to huge currency reserves – and paradoxically, thanks to Western sanctions. Russian geopolitical and diplomatic clout is also the strongest it has been since the USSR collapse. Sure, there are problems, lots of them. The point is: if we compare what was and what is, as well as where it’s going, the dynamics is very positive, and even inspiring.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Ascended Sun -- Kathy Crosswell

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I was meeting with Kathy when this came through and we worked with the Cherubim and Seraphim to fully connect with the Ascended Sun and heal / release our phase 1 & 2 ego's.

The Ascended Sun
March 9, 2016
Kathy Crosswell

Tomorrow at 12 noon GMT there will be a shift in consciousness, which brings into the light the truth surrounding the mysteries of the activation required for this iteration of humanity to commence this phase of ascension.  Light workers who have worked to love their 3rd dimensional ego and to embrace the challenges it has presented, and who now understand that for their human self to evolve the ego has to be freed to embrace the Divine I AM Light, will be able to experience the transcendence of the ego.

The ego will be blessed, forgiven and thanked for the work it has done to keep us safe during phases 1 and 2 of ascension. Its job is done.

From this point forth the ego now resides in the 4th dimensional energy of self-love and every decision made by these transcendent humans will now come from their higher self.

The activation codex of Divinely timed light messages will start to be given to these illuminated light workers. Everyone will start to get their messages and little by little you will be able to piece together how your Divine light shines within the oneness.

It is truly the most important time for humans since the Golden Age of Atlantis, as tomorrow the Third phase of preparation for the New Golden Age begins. This phase is that of Global Consciousness for those who can ascend their human light to flow symbiotically with their higher self.

You are guided to work with the Ascended Sun to allow any remaining elements of the human 3rd dimensional ego to be understood, acknowledged, addressed and for this human phase of existence for it to be loved and thanked. The Ascended Sun is the perfect pitch of frequency within each humans' heart that allows the transcendent process between phases to manifest in the human self.

Call in the Cherubs and the Seraphim to guide you to the Ascended Sun and ask them to sing your vibration to the ascended sun for it to welcome you and allow your human heart to connect to the sacred heart and the healing and transcendence to begin.

The Ascended sun is the core of Mother Father God's heart and dissolves all resistance.

There are eight more phases of ascension to be achieved and these will be brought to us in Divine timing. Embodying the Divine Light and the activation codex messages that will be given to you is the focus of this phase. It will be delightful for you as you will no longer be driven by ego need to get information immediately and to compete with each other. Instead the messages will be openly shared and your teachings will be globally taught.

I am the Lady of the Light.