Monday, October 21, 2013

My Journey of Awakening - At A Spiritual Crossroads

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I recently published a book about my awakening journey over these past 5-6 years.  It is a very high level introduction to the insights and information I wanted to share with regard to my spiritual experiences.  My intent in publishing this book was to provide a summary on a variety of topics for those who want an introduction to New Age Spiritual topics. This book provides a good overview for your family, friends and neighbors who are wanting a place to start their research without being completely overwhelmed.  Below, I have listed the table of contents and references from the book to let potential readers preview an outline.  I hope you enjoy it...Peace and Love to all!  Mike

Here is the link to purchase the paperback version of the book ( & Kindle digital versions coming soon):

My Journey of Awakening...At a Spiritual Crossroads -

Amazon Kindle Version

Table of Contents

My Journey of Awakening 1
Gluten-Free Vegetarian Diet 5
Pure Water 12
Numerology, Angels and Qigong 15
Divine Matrix, Prayer and Quantum Theory 19
Quantum Physics and Time Travel 24
Intention and Manifestation 27
Chakras and the Law of Life 30
Power of Affirmations 39
Reincarnation and Karma Releasing 45
Dis-ease and Water 51
Rolfing, Release and Alignment 58
Healing Music 61
Angel Therapist 71
Oracle Cards 76
Nature and Animals 79
Songs and Lyrics 84
Ascension and DNA 91
Ascension Questions 97
Galactic Friends and Disclosure 109
Inner Earth 111
Closing 113
Keys to Living in Peace and Happiness 116
References and Links 120

References and Links

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