Wednesday, February 6, 2013

St. Germain & Abundance Affirmations - I AM the Spirit of Infinite Plenty Individualized

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In light of all of this OPPT - One People's Public Trust disclosure, I thought I would post the abundance affirmations I have been doing on and off for the last couple of years.

In the Saint Germain book series from Saint Germain Press, Saint Germain provides affirmations for us to recite in many different situations and scenarios.   Here is a great passage that describes the benefits of using affirmations in our daily meditations or prayers.

"The continued use of affirmation brings one to the point where he has such a deep realization of the Truth in anything he affirms that he is no longer conscious of it as an affirmation. One uses an affirmation, mantram, or prayer because he desires something made manifest. Right desire is the deepest form of prayer. Thus by the use of affirmation the student raises his outer self into the full acceptance of its Truth and generates the feeling by which it becomes a thing manifest. In this deep acceptance comes the manifestation for through concentration the spoken word begins to cause instantaneous activity.
The Eternal Law of Life is that Whatever you think and feel you bring into form; where your thought is there you are for you are your consciousness; and whatever you meditate upon you become. When one allows his mind to dwell upon thoughts of hate condemnation lust envy jealousy criticism fear doubt or suspicion and allows these feelings of irritation to generate within him he will certainly have discord, failure and disaster in his mind, body and world. As long as he persists in allowing his attention to be held by such thoughts whether they be about nations persons places conditions or things he is absorbing those activities into the substance of his mind, his body, and his affairs in fact he is compelling forcing them into his experience.
Thought is the only thing in the universe that can create vibration and through vibration you qualify this ever-flowing energy with whatever you desire to have manifest in your life and world. This limitless, intelligent, radiant energy is flowing ceaselessly through your nervous system and is the Eternal Life and vitality in the blood stream coursing through your veins. It is an all-powerful, omnipresent, intelligent activity given you by the Father the God Principle of Life to be consciously directed according to your freewill."

These affirmations are not my own.  I have collected them from various sources including the Saint Germain series, "The Abundance Book" and others.  And now the affirmations:

Today, I accept Gods gift of abundance.
Today everything that I AM and have, that is Good,
is increased.
I identify everything I do with success.
I think affirmatively.
And with all my prayers, I accept abundance.
Whatever I need, whenever I need it,
wherever I need it, for as long as I need it,
will always be at hand.
I no longer see negation
or delay
or stagnation
in my undertakings.
Rather, I claim that the action of the Living Spirit
prospers everything I do,
increases every Good I possess
and brings success to me and everyone I meet.
Everything I think about and do
is animated by the Divine Presence,
sustained by the Infinite Power,
and multiplied by the Divine Goodness.

I AM the wealth - God in Action - now manifest in my Life, my world.

I AM the wealth, the opulence, the substance, already perfected in my world, of every constructive thing that I can possibly conceive of or desire.

I AM the Spirit of Infinite Plenty individualized.

I AM boundless abundance in radiant expression. What is expressed in love must be returned in full measure .

The eternal Fountain of All Good within, forever flowing without end...the infilling or embodiment of that flow until “my cup runneth over”.. .mentally opening the door of my consciousness and releasing the flow to move around this world as a Golden Light, lifting each soul into a new vibration of abundance.  I saw the Oneness as every man, woman and child on the planet was connected in the Light, and I began to see the visible supply being attracted to everyone without exception and I saw joy and gratitude on the faces of people everywhere— a thanksgiving to God—as their needs were met. And then I saw the  visible supply begin to flow to me, returning in waves and I watched it coming from all around the world, closer and closer until, in my imagination, I felt  the waves engulf me and almost take my breath away. I felt more prosperous than I had felt in my entire life. . .and I began to see this money put to work in the most useful, loving, productive, and supportive ways.

Peace and Cheers,



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