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Avoid Critisim and Judgement - Andrew Bojarski

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This post from Andrew is very well written and gives great analogies to help put this topic into perspective.  It is challenging to live this way 24x7 but it can be done by constantly being aware of your thoughts and words.  If you aren't perfect ;-) and do have these critical or judgmental thoughts, don't beat yourself up and just offer them up to your guides or angels to take to heaven for transmutation and purification.  Peace....


My Higher Self – Criticism and Judgment

Criticism and JudgmentHello everyone.  Here is a channeling from my higher self on criticism and judgment that I recently received.  I believe that it applies to everyone.  I hope it helps and resonates with everyone.

“When you criticize or judge another soul, you are not progressing on your ascension pathway and become stuck in the mud.  You are also picking up unnecessary negative karma.  Criticizing or judging another soul is criticizing or judging yourself, as we are all One Consciousness.  Every soul on Earth is here to experience, to grow and to learn.  And every soul has decided which path they want to go on to help them with their learning, growth and experience.  We are all heading for the same destination which is to find out who we really are, and to be reunited with our Godself, our Divine Spark, and to ascend.  However, how we get there, what lessons we learn along the way, and when we get there is different for each soul.  So please honor each soul for their individual journey.
Imagine that it is as if you are making a trip from one city to another; say from Los Angeles to New York in a car.  You know where you need to go, to New York.  Once you get to New York, you find out who you really are and you become reunited with your Godself, and you ascend.  This is your destination.  But also imagine that you do not need to be there by a certain date.  You just know that you are going there at your own pace.  Some souls will just try to get there as quickly as possible and stay on the quickest path that has a straight line from Los Angeles to New York.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Others will take the scenic route and maybe visit all the states before getting to New York.  It matters not when and how a soul will get to New York.  What matters is that they eventually will get there.  And all will get there in Divine timing, when you are ready and when you have seen all the sites and have learned all there is to learn from these sites and released what you cannot take with you.

Allow the soul to learn from their trip, and allow the soul to experience the beautiful different things that each state offers.  Some states have flowers, some have snow, some have beautiful parks, and some have tornadoes.  Maybe you have been to the other states and maybe you have seen and experienced what the other states offer.  But maybe the other souls are just experiencing those states for the first time and their experience of those states are different from your experience.  Maybe you have been to the state of Arizona and you have seen the Grand Canyon from the top looking into the Grand Canyon.  But maybe another soul has decided to visit the Grand Canyon by hiking down into the canyon and their experience is different from your experience.

You see, every soul experiences something different from another soul.  No two experiences are the same.  So please be careful when you criticize or judge another for what you perceive that they have done as being wrong or inaccurate. It may be perfectly right and accurate for them, as they are learning and experiencing, even though it may not be for you.  You do not walk in another soul’s shoes.  Maybe this was precisely what their higher self and that soul decided to learn and experience for their growth, even if it feels that it is so wrong to you.  Do not judge or criticize them for their actions, even if you feel their actions and choices are wrong.  They may be wrong for you, but perfect for them in their growth and development and experience.

Remember, everyone is here to learn and grow, and experience at their own pace.  Earth is a learning and teaching school for all of us.  And each of us has different lessons to learn.  So honor and respect each student for the courses that they have decided to take, even if they are different from yours.
This is so important!!  Please be very careful what you say to others.  It is important to understand that words hurt on the inside so much and most of the time, these words hurt more than physical pain, as physical pain will eventually go away.  But words stay on the inside and they linger and they cut to the core of the soul.  The soul you are saying these judgmental and hurtful things to may not tell you this, but they may be deeply, deeply hurt by your comments, even if you think you are helping them by being honest.  Always consider the soul’s feelings and thoughts before saying anything to them.  Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “How would I respond if someone said this to me?”  Would you be hurt?  Angry?  Sad?  Do not offer advice until someone asks for it.  And if they do ask for any advice, offer it in a compassionate and loving way, and without judgment and criticism.
In addition, also avoid judgmental and criticizing thoughts.  Thinking of something judgmental and criticizing about another soul is just as bad as saying it because the thoughts permeate to the universe and subconsciously they will get back to the soul you were criticizing and judging.  If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all, and think nothing bad at all too!   Yes, I know it is hard, but always try to maintain happy thoughts and do not judge another or criticize another.

Also remember that when you judge or criticize another soul, you are basically telling that soul that what they are doing is wrong in your mind.  This creates separation that one is correct and another is not, that one is better and another is not, that this is right and that this is wrong.  This is not the case.  We are all One.  One is not better than another.  You are all loved equally as One by God.  You each have different experiences in your life that you chose to help you grow and develop in the best way possible that is right for you and for the lesson you wanted to learn for your spiritual growth and development.

In addition, when you judge or criticize another, you are creating negative karma for yourself when you do not need to; karma that eventually needs to be balanced.    So always think twice before you say a mean thing, a hurtful thing, a critical or judgmental thing about another.
For example, if you see someone who is overweight, do not think negatively “oh, look how obese that person is.”  This thought will get back subconsciously to that soul and you will hurt that soul’s feeling tremendously and you will have to repay this negative karma at some point to balance your karma.  Instead, thank and honor that soul in your head for their lessons that they are learning, for what they are feeling, for what they are experiencing, and receive positive karma for your blessing of that person for your positive thoughts instead.  If that soul is constantly being teased by others about their weight, then that soul is growing a lot faster spiritually than most people because that soul is learning how to accept criticism and judgment at a fast rate.  That soul is experiencing and feeling what it feels like to be hurt, to be made fun of, to be teased.  It is making that soul so much stronger as they are learning so much faster by this experience.  So that soul has decided to take a harder class on Earth, a harder subject in a sense, based on the hard lessons that it provides.  So honor them for this choice.  Again, be really careful of what you say to others and of your thought about others.   Having this mindset will help you get to New York a lot faster and your ride will be a lot smoother.”

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