Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psychic and Numerology

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  • A little background...Since I was in first grade, I was fascinated by numbers in my life.  I won a very large chocolate candy bar with the number 14 and it was forever my "lucky number".  For some reason, after college I remembered hearing about Nancy Reagan having a numerologist and that she paid close attention to numbers in her life. So one day while at a new age book store, I picked up a numerology book.  It tried to explain numbers and their meanings but wasn't always accurate...

    Then in Sept. 2005, I met a co-worker who was creating a website for a friend of his to manage a group of online psychics who do readings remotely.  I had never had a reading before and for some reason was very interested in having one and a bit nervous about it.  I finally decided to have the reading and it went very well.  She was very intuitive and answered many questions for me.  I would randomly communicate with her via email to follow up on some questions that I had and then one day she emailed me randomly and said to look into the number "333".  So I did a search on 333 and found an interesting book by Doreen Virtue.  The book is called "Angel Numbers 101" and it basically explained that the numbers I see daily are actually messages from the Angelic realm which are guiding me in a variety of ways.  I have found that the numbers and corresponding messages in the book that I see randomly throughout the day are very applicable to current events in my life.  Another book that I bought at the same time I bought "Angel Numbers 101" was "How to Hear Your Angels".  I have included the Amazon links to both of them below.  Here is a post I wrote on the How to Hear Your Angels book.  Enjoy...

    Peace and Love be with you always...(333, 444).

                                                        Angel Numbers 101 -




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