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September 2016 is a life changing month -- Kathy Crosswell

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September 2016 is a life changing month -- 08/27/2016

Are you prepared? Are you ready? September 2016 is a life changing month.

This month sees the end of the 9-year cycle and the new beginning of the next 9-year cycle.
It is a triple 9 month – meaning our thoughts and actions and 3 x as strong during this month of letting go of the old and creating and receiving the new. Are you ready?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this statement as it would be so easy to just skim over it without really listening to what has been said.

  • Every thought we have brings about creation of an action.
  • So, what is it you want for you for the next 9 years?
  • So do you wish to carry on as you are or do you wish to make changes?
  • Because each of those precious minutes is an opportunity to manifest your thoughts into actions.
  • That’s 3285 days which you can influence positively now;
  • That’s 78,840 hours to manifest wonderful positive and limitless possibilities for you
  • That’s 4,730,400 minutes to live your dream; to live your life and to love every second of it
  • It is a time to get this right and to have patience to feel your new rhythm as the energy around you changes
  • It is the time when you can reap the rewards of the tests sent your way over the last 9 years and to be inspired now to bring your ideas into perfection and to live your life in harmony with your Divine Will
  • It is a month to make positive choices for you; after all you are the Script Writer, The Director and the Lead in your life. It is your life to own.

So the questions are:
  • Would you like to be in tune with your Divine Will?
  • Would you like to make wise choices from a deeper perspective of love?
  • Would you like to react to people inspired and guided by your Higher Intuition?

September 2016 is the perfect time to learn more about yourself, to awaken your understanding of your Divine Will
  • It is time to strengthen and master the connection to your Divine I AM light
  • To bring into your life that which you wish to manifest across the world of spirit, soul and matter and embrace this wonderful aspect of you – your Divine Trinity

Do you want to awaken, understand and master your connection to your higher intuitive self - your Divine Will – Your Divine I AM?

If you do, then Kathy Crosswell Angelic Whisperer, Global Spiritual Author and Speaker and Scott Grant Master of Sound and Inter-dimensional Healing invite you to join them for a truly transformational workshop

Glastonbury UK                                                                       Online 
24th September 2016                                                            USA       Europe        Australia

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