Monday, January 20, 2014

What We Think, We Become -- Buddha

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THANK YOU BUDDHA & Gloria...This is what I needed to hear today ;-)

God said:

Have mercy upon yourself. Change your thoughts. Do not dwell on the insufficiencies of life. Dwell on all that you have been given. When you find yourself in a negative frame of mind, change the framework. Undo the heartache that you have engaged in. Find something better to think about. Dissolve the supremacy of the negative. You don’t need to keep it. Do not think that you are being honest to keep it. You are dishonest to keep what does you no good, and doesn’t do good for anyone and doesn’t do well for the world. You are a contributor to the world. Do you really wish to bombast it with what keeps it from being the Paradise it belongs to be?

You are not here on Earth to dwell on what is painful to you. You are not here on Earth to dwell upon yourself. You have bigger fish to fry.

Get on with your life. Depend less upon other people for your emotional sustenance. Other people can be negative when they choose. That is their business, not yours. No longer try to change anyone else or everyone else. Let your discontent go. You have enough to do to take care within yourself. If you wish to cure the negativity in another, cure your own. What you desire another to be or do, be or do yourself.

You would like everyone to respond to you cheerfully. Then respond cheerfully to everyone. Stop taking offense. You offend yourself. You would like everyone to be a good sport. Be a good sport first. Uplift others, and you will be uplifted.

The end of negativity is at hand. Be the first to know this and live accordingly. He who reacts negatively to negativity is old-fashioned. Fashion yourself anew. You do not wear clothes from earlier eras. Why wear old thoughts? Why keep old habits of responding when they hold you back from the freedom of love you so desire? When someone propounds negativity, this is a sure sign for you not to.

When you bake a cake, you bake a cake that you like. You don’t bake a cake that you don’t like, and yet you may well have been filling your mind, your beautiful mind, with thoughts that keep you stuck. Contrary to what you may think, you are not stuck in situations. You are stuck in your old thoughts. The same tune runs through your mind. Find some new tunes. Find some new thoughts.

Life is meant to be anew. And you are the one who has come to save yourself from the past. Slap yourself on the back and get moving into the world of your dreams. You are the one who sets the scenes of your life. You choose the colors. You choose the design. Oh, yes, you are a designer. You are the designer of your life.

When you find yourself in a bad mood, change your mood. Be the first one to change. You can elevate others and the world, or you can pull others down or even put them down. What would you do that for? It sure doesn’t put you in a brighter light.

You may well have to tell yourself the opposite of what you have been telling yourself. If you are feeling dreary-hearted, you are the one who has to do something about it. You can’t wait for a knight on a white horse to come in and sweep you up and protect you from yourself. You have to be your own knight and carry yourself away to a greater mind-set. Dear Ones, come up here with Me. I make room for you. C’mon.

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